Z.com Sells for $6.8 Million, Tops YTD Sales Chart

The sale of Z.com by Nissan Motors to GMO Internet (Japanese ISP) for $6,784,000 is the largest domain sale recorded in 2014 as reported by DNJournal.  While the general public wraps its heads around the size of this domain name transaction some domain investors, brokers and folks involved in the domain space may be wondering “How much money did Nissan leave on the table?”.  Not that Nissan even cares but speculators have to speculate.

Z.com is one of the rarest .com domain names which also possibly makes it one of the most valuable.  There are only 6 single character, top level domains currently active (Q.com, X.com, and Z.com, I.net, Q.net, X.com).  All others were reserved by IANA in the early 90’s (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-letter_second-level_domain). The 6 active domains were assigned prior to the single character freeze and were grandfathered in.

So, what’s your opinion?  Did Z.com sell at a good price?  Too low?  Use the poll and feel free to comment.

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Power Integrations Inc. Buys Power.com for $1.26 Million USD

As reported by DNJournal last week, Power.com sold to Power Integrations Inc. for $1,261,000.00.  That ranks as the 6th largest reported sale this year by DNJournal sales report.  The sale price was not announced by the buyer or seller but was uncovered by George Kirikos who uncovered the high profile sale by finding the data in the 3rd Quarter SEC filings posted by Power Integrations Inc.  See full story @DNJournal.

The sale of Power.com ranks behind 5) 37.com $1.96M 4) youxi.com (games in Chinese) $2.43M 3) Sex.xxx $3M 2) whisky.com $3.1M 1) mi.com $3.6M Top sales reported in 2014. 


Domain of the Week: TalkToYourKidsAboutPizza.com

Interesting campaign using the domain name TalkToYourKidsAboutPizza.com.  I happened to be in front of the computer when I heard this ad so I did go to the website that has a few fun facts about good pizza (Anthony’s) and bad pizza (the rest).  The informational website just funnels you to the companies other  website AnthonysPizzaAndPasta.com, another 20+ character domain name.

Apparently nobody told Anthony’s Pizza that long domain names aren’t always the best.  Why do we gotta talk only to kids about pizza?? How about just talking about pizza?  You know, the good vs the bad, etc…  Anyway, TalkAboutPizza.com is available at the time of this posting. ;)

Domain Holdings Announces $9.5M in Q3 Sales, 97.7% Sold Were .COM

Domain Holdings announced their 2014 Q3 sales yesterday.  Total Q3 sales tallied up to $9,554,983 of which a staggering $9,337,626 (97.7%) sold were .COM domains.  Other highlights to note about the Q3 sales from DH sales report:

Average weekly sales $796,249

Average sale $29,932

End user sales accounted for 73.84% of all sales

Deals closed by email 89% vs 11% via phone call

300% increase in sales to Chinese buyers

To view full report from DomainHoldings.com HERE

DotGreen Community Inc. & Afilias Partnership Best gTLD Story of the Year

.green logo

It was one year ago that the DotGreen Community Inc. was forced to withdraw its application for the hotly contested .green TLD.  This disappointing announcement came months before the fate of the .green TLD would be decided via ICANN’s auction process that saw companies with very deep pockets including Demand Media, TLDH (Minds+Machines) and Afilias all vying to become the official .green registry. Finally, after some backroom deals during the private auction for the .green TLD, Afilias stood as the lone and winning applicant for .green (to go along with their other color TLDs .black, .blue, .pink, .red).

Seeing .green become just another new gTLD released by a company purely looking to profit from the popular string would have been a tough pill to swallow.  Myself and many others in the domain industry saw years of planning and promoting by DotGreen Community Inc. founder, Annalisa Roger in preparation for becoming the .green registry operator.  Since 2007, the DotGreen Community Inc. has put forth a clear vision of how the .green namespace would focus on much more than just selling .green domains.  Their model is one of promoting sustainability, furthering the green movement and partnering with environmental groups to help bring more awareness and action to environmental issues while operating the unique .green top level domain.

That’s why I was delighted when I read the story on DNJournal learning that Afilias and the DotGreen Community Inc. had partnered, giving responsibility of running the .green TLD to the DotGreen Community while Afilias would provide their back end registry services.  This is a big win for both parties involved and for the greater green community! I have no doubt that Annalisa Roger and her team will be successful pioneers in the gTLD space and I look forward to an exciting launch.  Congrats DotGreen Community!

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