Sells For $250,000

In a Tweet and Facebook post by domainer and Bitcoin guru Niko Younts, he announced the sale of and for a combined $450,000.

BitcoinWallet (.com) just sold for $250,000 and BitcoinWallets (.com) is pending at $200k. #bitcoin #wallstreet

The sale was just announced on and goes into a bit of detail about the buyer Alex Charfen, an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. These sales (assuming sales goes through) will rank #5 and #7 respectively on the DNJournal YTD chart and I believe is the biggest Bitcoin related sale of all time.

Congrats to Niko Younts, he has been buzzing about Bitcoin and for quite a while now. It was just 10 days ago in another Facebook post he announced that he announced at the most recent Bitcoin conference that he was seeking strategic partnerships or VC for


What Happens at NamesCon Stays at NamesCon…?

NamesCon is shaping up to be the biggest domain industry conference ever and I’m excited to be here and be a part of it! While I won’t be blogging about all of the happenings here, I will be tweeting some fun quotes and pics this week @NameTalent.

I am really looking forward to catching up with and/or meeting for the first time many domain industry folks I may have only talked to via email, fb, linkedin, forum messaging, etc.

The sessions all look very informative and there are some amazing keynote speakers and I’m sure the parties will be outstanding.  I’ve heard NamesCon is expecting some 600+ attendees for this inaugural show.. it will undoubtedly be a big success!


RMDC Fall Meetup Next Thursday Night in Denver

Rocky Mountain Domain Conference Fall meetup is going down in one week!  The meetup is taking place Thursday, Oct 17th  in Downtown Denver at Katie Mullen’s Irish Restaurant and Pub (across from WTC on 16th and Court).  We’re expecting a great turnout and domain investors of all experience levels are welcome.  RSVP at the Facebook Event Page or via email.

Special thanks to this year’s 2013 RMDC sponsors we will have another great location, food and refreshments available (cash bar).  We also have a few valuable domain related prize packs and other giveaways for guests. – Domain name registrar, hosting and more!

Toby Clements Newsletter – Domain industry’s hottest domain sales newsletter

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2013 RMDC Fall Meetup Location Announced!

While the NameTalent blog has been a little quiet this year, we’re still doing some serious domaining here in Denver and it’s about time to get together and talk about it!

The 3rd annual RMDC event will take place next month at Katie Mullen’s Irish Restaurant and Pub in Downtown Denver (beautiful location on 16th Street Mall, directly across from the World Trade Center).  We’re looking forward to getting together with our strong network of domain investors and industry partners again this year.  The last two years we’ve had great turnouts to our RMDC events!

RSVP at the Facebook Event Page or via email.  To be added to the guest list, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities email  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Do You Own Your Name .COM?

Why It’s Important To Own Your Name .Com

One third of the people on our planet are now connected to the internet; that’s over two billion people worldwide. The internet has become a place where you can learn, do, watch, buy or sell anything you can ever imagine. The internet has all but eliminated the need for us to leave our house. We can get entertainment, human interaction, food, clothing, grooms and brides all from the comfort of our chair. This incredible boom has made the importance of owning your own personal domain name vital, as it is the hub for which you are known in the online world. Here’s some of the key reasons why:

It’s Online Real Estate- When people use Yahoo, Bing, or Google to search for an exact term, the .com is generally going to be the first result that pops up. A lot of people around the world will even just type the term in with .com at the end. The first website that they find using either method is the one most people believe is the authority.

Best Place to Start a Website- Your Name .Com is quick and easy to remember for the people that know you. It saves you the hassle of having to create a new brand and embed that in the head of your target audience. Website hosting is affordable and building a website is easier than ever. With free programs like WordPress, you don’t need to understand complex codes to be able to create a professional looking website.

Protection- Angry rivals or astute individuals with dollar signs in their eyes will not hesitate to purchase your name .com. Once it’s in their possession, it’s an arduous process to win it back. In the meantime, they can make a profit off of your fortune or slander your name.

It’s Professional- Any serious businessman improves their stock with their name .com. Business cards and resumes alike look stronger and a candidate more desirable. Morgan Linton, serial entrepreneur and International Channel Manager for Sonos Inc. told Astounde, “No question, if you plan on doing anything important in your life, it’s vital to own your name dot com.”

Flexibility- Once you purchase a domain name, it’s yours. Despite the occasional price increase from ICANN, you can register your name for as many years as you want and lock in a certain rate. No one else can stake a claim to that name so long as you renew it when it comes time. Not only that, there is no requirement to build a website on it, you can just hold the name in your account.

Ease of Maintenance- Unlike most things in life, your domain name only needs to be addressed once per year. Not only that, but you’ll receive a friendly e-mail reminder to do so. Imagine if the same could be said for haircuts, your garden, dinner, your marriage, or feeding your pet.

Branding- You are in complete control over the ‘you’ that other people see when searching the internet. You are in charge of the information, pictures, professional reviews and other information that a friend or prospective colleague will see. Your brand is in your hands.

Customized E-mail Addresses- No more or With your own domain name, you can create any e-mail address you can think of

Help Avoid Confusion- There could be another John Smith out there who enjoys taking ‘artful’ photos of naked men, and decides to post the videos and pictures of such on your name .com. You can avoid this potential shortcoming by locking up your domain name.

Price- Buying a domain name is one of the best bang-for-your-buck purchases you will ever find in your lifetime. A domain name can be had for $9.99 on most domain registrars ($8.95 on If you click on the link below, it’s only $7.99. That’s the equivalent to one mediocre value meal. Amortize the cost over a full year and it’s just over ¢.02 per day.

Despite all of these positive reasons why owning your name .com is important, there are still millions of people around the world that don’t see the value. Many people do, though, and you may very well find that your name is already taken. If you are one of the lucky people whose name isn’t already taken, what are you waiting for?

Written by Mike Awada, founding editor at, a hip, future tech and gadget online magazine.

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