Contest: Guess Highest Sale in the Upcoming Premium .ME Auction and Win! banner ad and the .ME Registry have teamed up to promote the upcoming Premium .ME Auction that starts next week on  We are giving away prize packs for commenters on this post that guess the names in the auction with the highest bid, most bids and highest number of bids.  There are 178 names in this auction to choose from, so I think we will see a lot of different estimations.

Here are the rules and contest guidelines

One guess per person – to qualify, each participant MUST make their guess in a comment on this post:

1) Guess the name that sells for the highest dollar amount (make sure you put a price for the tie breaker!!)

2) Guess the name that receives the most bids (make sure you put the number of bids for the tie breaker!!)

3) Guess the name that has the highest number of bidders (make sure you put the number of bidders for the tie breaker!!)

* Participants must make guesses on all three questions to qualify


The three participants that guess the closest (or exactly) on each of the above questions will receive a .ME gift pack that contains:

Three (3) .ME sticky clean screen cleaners, two (2) .ME baggage tags, one (1) .ME USB drive, one (1) rucksack bag and one (1) pint glass.

* Non U.S. participants can play too, instead of a prize pack the prize issued would be (1) free .ME registration at

** All guesses must be made in the comment section of this post, if your comment doesn’t post right away don’t worry I will approve it and will also be checking my comment spam periodically to make sure no guesses were directed there.  All guesses must be in by October 27th at 12pm EST.  The auction will start later that day and run for one week ending on November 3rd.  Once the auction results are finalized I will announce the winners.

Sound like fun?!  Well, what are you waiting for.. get your guesses in!  Premium .ME auction inventory

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17 Responses to “Contest: Guess Highest Sale in the Upcoming Premium .ME Auction and Win!”

  1. Brian says: Highest priced $55k most bids 20 bidders 9

  2. Tomas says: – Highest priced $80k – Most bids 25 – Most bidders 10

  3. peter says: – Highest priced $60 k – Most bids 35 – Most bidders 30

  4. says:

    Nice way to promote the auction and auctions lot contains really good domain names like, and Simply cool.

  5. Mike Law says:

    Thanks! Where is your guess? 🙂

  6. Blake says: – Highest priced: $10k – Most bids: 34 – Most bidders: 22

    Lets roll them dice ;)…btw I really like the website …first visit and bookmarked for future viewing.


  7. Mike Law says:

    Thanks Blake, glad you dropped in and good luck!

  8. VIP.Me [30,000 USD]
    American.Me [150 bids]
    Vodka.Me [25 bidders]

  9. : $15K : 32 bids : 20 bidders

  10. Meredith says:
    48 bids
    42 bidders

  11. – $23,900 – 26 bidders – 38 bidders

  12. Mike Awada says: $40,000 40 bids 13 bidders

  13. 1) ($20000)
    2) (30)
    3) (28)

  14. Kate says: – 50k -60 bidders 40 bidders

  15. Jerlene says:

    1) – 36k

    2) – 42

    3) – 34

  16. Ben42 says: – 14,420 – 38 – 28

  17. Dutch Boyd says:

    I think is going to surprise everyone and take the top spot ($40k). will get the most bids (40). will get the most bidders (20).

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