, Being Promoted On SuperBowl Weekend by Igloo

I received an email press release this morning from with a timely announcement that they are brokering some great Colorado and football related domains.  Most of the promotion from the release was focused on the domain, a really nice geo domain as Denver is the capital city of Colorado (state abbreviation is CO).  Igloo also has a nice collection of 4 letter .com and keyword .COM names they are brokering.

If you don’t already know, I am a Denver native and HUGE Broncos fan.  Our team is playing the Carolina Panthers on Sunday for the 50th Super Bowl. It should be a great weekend! Enjoy the game and GO BRONCOS!

Here is the email received this morning:

We’re not choosing sides, but Igloo is looking for the biggest Denver fan in Domaining.  Denver, CO is not only is the mile-high home of the Broncos, but it’s the most highly educated city in the in the nation and has been ranked the best locale for singles (maybe because it also brews more beer than any other city and has more dispensaries than Starbucks).  Denver is the jumping-off for The Rockies, but is the jumping-off point for all Denver, CO business. This short, unforgettable domain for such a breathtaking city can instantly brand your next venture or and attract more clients to your existing company.

Since we realize Broncos fans are a passionate bunch and might want this domain for bragging rights, its not only offering the opportunity to own the Denver.Co domain, but we will also throw in an authentic autographed Peyton Manning football to sweeten the deal.

By the way…, and are also available for those more interested in Colorado’s slopes than touchdowns.

We currently are offering a small portfolio of CHIP LLLL domains, a strong Traffic Domain portfolio, and a portfolio. If you are interested in any of these or looking to acquire or sell other portfolios, please contact our brokers.

Looking for something specific? is proud to not only offer the best in premium .com domains, but also an extensive list of LLL.coms, portfolios, and much more.  If you are interested in acquiring any of our featured domain names to secure your brand or drive business to your site, please contact us or search our online database for the complete list of domains.

NamePros Member Warns of Buyer Trickery

NamePros member frank-germany started a thread this morning that warned of trickery with some buyer’s that he’s experienced on NP and even Sedo.  His post is as follows (copied with his permission)

“it looks to me like here are members who may try this trick:

get you into a deal
and then after its locked in
like agreed in escrow
or SOLD here

after getting you down as much as possible

then do not pay
and as the domain is locked for them

simply wait for the development of the ( chinese ) market

and later if market goes up
may eventually pay you then
and if not
they may simply just disapear”

So basically, you are selling a domain or maybe a portfolio of domains, the buyer negotiates to your bottom line price.  Then they don’t pay right away.  Perhaps days, weeks or even months later they resurface, send payment and expect to get the domains at that price.  By then the market may have matured and profit would be realized almost immediately if the seller finishes the transaction.  This could happen on many marketplaces that don’t have set time periods in which the transaction must be completed.

Of course, a way to combat this is to always specify in your original NamePros sale post that payment must be received within a certain time frame.  Not a huge security threat or anything like that but I thought it was an interesting observation and new domainers could easily fall victim to this kind of trickery…not sure what else to call it because there’s nothing about it that sounds illegal.

Domainer Handshakin’ Holmes On Verge of Breaking World Record

handshakin1If you were at NamesCon you may have met Matt Holmes at Networking Lane promoting his Handshakin’ Video Series where he interviews successful entrepreneurs on their top business strategies.  Matt is a young domainer, entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast from Santa Fe, NM who attended college at the University of Denver.

The Guinness Book of World Record for longest handshake ever, 42.5 hours, is now within reach. The two hope to make history around 8:30 MST on Sunday. It’s been a rigorous 38 hours thus far but Matt and partner Juan Diaz De Leon, a young entrepreneur himself, are still going strong in their attempt to bring the record back to the United States. It’s going down in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City.  Big ups to Redford’s Tavern in DU for hosting the event.

The shakers hope the attempt will bring awareness to the Colorado start-up scene, which has been blossoming of late in the Denver metro area.  Local 9News has even covered the Handshakin story in a segment during their prime evening news hour.  Live footage is streaming right now at!

Awarded one five minute break per hour, the brave gentlemen are fighting off fatigue, carpal tunnel and sweaty palms, swollen forearms. Follow Matt @handshakin and Juan @jdiazdeleonjr and wish these guys good luck and congrats once it’s official.


NamesCon Recap Part 3


WaterNight 2016

Before I dive in to this last recap of NamesCon 2016 the ROTD/NamesCon extended auction ends today, lots of great names that are close to reserve or have already hit the reserve.

It’s tough to digest everything that goes on at a conference like NamesCon. Looking back at the agenda there are at least 10 sessions, speakers and panels I missed that I would have liked to see, and there were also hundreds of people that I didn’t get a chance to meet. However, I am so grateful for all the folks I did meet and talk to this year!

Probably my favorite session of the whole show came on day 3 when the ‘Sherpas’ led by Michael Cyger did a live session in front of a packed room. Shane Cultra, Frank Schilling and Andrew Rosener talking about domain names is super entertaining and informative. If you haven’t already be sure to watch/listen to that live session HERE.


Brian Cute, CEO of PIR

The one keynote that I did make a point to see on day 3 was from Brian Cute, CEO of PIR speak about .ORG, .ONG and .NGO.  Big things happening with PIR, and their purpose and work is really amazing.  Each registration of a .ngo or .ong domain comes with a membership to OnGood an online community that helps NGO’s raise money.

One huge part of this conference that I was glad to see was the focus on getting domain investors and those that service the industry involved with groups like ICA and DNA.  It is vital that our industry takes steps to protect itself and we are so lucky to have industry leaders that are paving the way.  It’s people like Phil Corwin, Nat Cohen and Adam Kinderis (to name a few) that are fighting for our rights as domain investors and developers everyday and there were several sessions focused on these types of topics and policies.  They need help and even if you are not in the position to donate cash, there are other ways to be involved.  Check out the ICA’s join us page to see how you can become a member.

WaterNight.  During his acceptance speech into the domain industry hall of fame at WaterNight 2016, Richard Lau revealed the whole reason he organized NamesCon was to be able to have a successful Water Night fundraiser for WaterSchool.  Over the last three years he has raised well over $300k during WaterNight events that has been donated to Water School, a charity that strives to help provide clean water for developing nations. WaterNight 2016 at NamesCon was a great party! The head shaving continued as many industry folks got rid of their hair to help raise money for a great cause.   See tons of great pics and stories from WaterNight here at DNJournal.  One thing that bothered me was the lack of attention paid to Richard as he was addressing the WaterNight attendees.  I wish someone would have grabbed the mic and told everyone to shut the heck up for a few minutes so we could hear the founder of NamesCon speak!

Overall NamesCon was a huge success, I could write for days about all the great experiences. I guess you just have to be there to see it all for yourself!  I will be there next year and every year to follow as long as the show continues.

NamesCon Recap Part 2

schilling-keynoteIt was a week ago today that NamesCon attendees packed the Keynote Hall to listen to Frank Schilling deliver a keynote address that for the most part was a demonstration on how to use the newest line of products at Uniregistry – Uniregistry App. Frank began by recapping what an amazing year it has been in the domain industry, one with spectacular growth in the .com and gTLD space.  When Frank started talking about Uniregistry and where it’s going this year it was like he was talking about his own child, the passion and excitement coming through the microphone and his body language could be felt by every person in the room.

Uniregistry app is a very powerful tool that give users access to all the tools in their Uniregistry account thru a clean and easy to use application.  Frank demonstrated how easy it is to push a domain from one account to another just by using touch id and a few simple steps..well technically the device he was demonstrating with didn’t have touch id enable for him but nonetheless, it is a quick process.  A couple lucky folks in attendance who had already downloaded the Uniregistry app were ‘pushed’ domains right there on the spot.  Domains given away by Frank included and

Right before the Frank Schilling keynote, Adam Kinderis representing the Domain Name Association gave a great call to action speech on how he and DNA feel folks in the online naming business need to come together and really begin building a strong, sustainable industry backed by integrity.  If you have a few minutes you can read the speech transcript here.

Day two was filled with other great panels and keynotes.  The two I missed that I hope to see a video of soon are the “Domainer crystal ball – what’s the next big thing after the Chinese domain boom?’ and Salomon Amoako of Sedo.coms keynote address talking about aftermarket happenings.  I heard great things about all of the panels and sessions on Monday, just needed to clone myself to be able to experience it all.

The ROTD live domain auction concluded business on day two with a bang.  Four of the top 6 sales were .com led by ($240k) followed by ($157.5k), ($110k) and ($80K).  New g’s made the big board with sales of ($70k) and ($52.5k).  There were some great stories coming out of the live auction including Mike Berkens’ flip of (paired with his already owned listen to Frank Schilling tell the story on the DomainSherpa live session – it’s really funny!

polar-party1 polar-party2

After business concluded on day two of NamesCon it was party time.  Perhaps one of the best parties I’ve ever attended at a domain show was organized by Kevin Kopas of PIR.  It took place at the Mandalay Bay’s Minus5 Ice Bar. From the limo ride there to the magician and mentalist in the freezer, it was literally the coolest domain party ever!  I didn’t see a single person not having fun.  At Minus5 you are basically locked in a huge freezer that is a bar where everything is made of ice, including the cups we were drinking out of.  It was actually a really great place for talking and networking as the cold air + alcohol really got us chatty.  Huge thanks to Brian Cute and my buddy Kevin for making this happen.  An experience I will never forget!  Oh yeah, there was a party at MGM’s Hakkasan nightclub later too.  I’m sure folks had fun there, I stopped in for about 15 mins, was a little too loud for me. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy