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Tracking Domain Activity by Companies – Movers Series by Jamie Zoch

Jamie Zoch, founder of is now publishing his “Domain Movers’ series on  The series focuses on domain names that have recently been transferred to or from large corporations.  He goes in depth with not only new acquisitions/moves but also tracks previous history and pricing of the domains he writes about.

Most recently he detected moves in some incredible domains including, and

I really enjoy following these articles as it gives me a great idea of where and how some premium domains are being traded and utilized.  See all of the Domain Movers and Shakers articles HERE.

40 Recent ccTLD Sales From the Sedo Marketplace continues to be the top marketplace for ccTLD sales racking up more a quarter million in ccTLD sales so far this month. lead the pack with a 24,999 GBP sale (approx 40K USD).   The extension saw several other very strong sales including content and keno which both attained five figure sales.

Italy’s ccTLD had some big splashes recently with two big five figure sales as well.  There were only one .us and .co sale each to speak of. went for $13k which I think is actually a little cheap.  The lone .us sale was which is curiously now owned by a Lebanese company, DigitaLeb.  Sales data from Sedo Market Activity page. €15,601 €2,200 €2,000 €19,500 €1,500 £9,000 $10,000 €1,000 €2,400 $2,000 £24,999 €6,000 £10,100 €1,000 €2,000 £5,500 $12,000 $4,500 $13,000 €2,500 €24,000 €1,500 €2,000 €7,250 $3,710 $3,500 €5,950 £3,990 €1,400 €14,000 £5,000 €5,099 £2,300 €2,000 €3,000 £3,200 €5,000 €2,000 $1,100 €4,600 Sells For Six Figures + Other ccTLD Sales

dot-me-logoAccording to the domain sold recently for €115,000 (approx $148,500 USD) which will place it at #15 on DNJournal’s top year to date reported sales once verified.  As pointed out in a post by MHB today, the name was picked up for $17,500 in the same 2008 Moniker/Snapnames auction where his investment group purchased and several other premium .ME domains.  They have since sold for $450k last year.

While .ME is doing really well as a ‘rebranded’ extension, it is still technically a ccTLD.  Below is a list of several other ccTLD’s that recently sold at Sedo according to the market activity page.    5,000 USD    3,100 EUR    5,000 EUR    3,100 EUR    5,000 USD 5,000 USD    1,990 EUR    3,250 EUR    2,000 EUR    2,550 USD    3,600 EUR    7,500 USD    1,655 EUR    2,300 US    4,051 USD    10,000 GBP    5,000 USD    2,000 EUR    5,600 EUR    16,850 EUR
gä    11,781 EUR

A lot of interesting sales here.  I really like the hack and although I think the plural is better.  The pair of and .cn names going for $10k is a little surprising.  I guess China is probably a major supplier of suits, cheap suits that is.  Hmm, and .cn available.  Dot-CO chimed in with a couple nice sales recently, both product related names.


.ME Auction Results – Sells for $28,500

The Premium .ME Auction ended on today and the unofficial results are in thanks to .ME Of Course!  The top sale was, which sold for $28,500.  The only other sale cracking the $10k barrier was which ended with a high bid of $10,099.  Other notable sales include: $8,100 $8,100 $6,618 $5,269
Sydney.Me $3,109 $2,350 $2,213 $2,160 $2,150 $1,900

96 of the 188 domains in the auction met the reserve price. Of those, the average sale price is just over $3,900. In total, 80 of the names in the auction received bids but did not meet the reserve price set. Only 12 names in the auction received zero bids.

The unofficial tally for the total sales in this .ME Premium Auction was $173,439, substantially less than the total from the previous Sedo/.Me Premium Auction that took place last December. Interesting to note that the top selling name in this auction,, was re-auctioned after the deal apparently fell through after the December auction when it only sold for $7,076.

Thanks again to .ME Of Course for the coverage and for putting together the auction results so quickly.

Four Letter .COMs Cleaning Up at Sedo in May

Some nice sales coming from to close out May.  Pronounceable/catchy four letter .coms continue to flex their muscle with several strong sales including the six figure sale of  The new registrant for is Multiview Inc. out of Irving, Texas.

Yali, Zuvo and Mopo .coms all attained 5 figures sales while Vulo missed the boat and went for substantially less. Four letter .coms, specifically the consonant/vowel/consonant/vowel letter combinations continue to command lofty prices in the aftermarket.

Leading the way for the non .com gTLD’s was which sold for approximately $30,700 USD, a fair price for that premium .net domain. I was excited to see a couple strong .TV sales (immobilien = real estate in German) went for a bargain price of $20k and brought home $10k.

Another big one character .to sale was reported ( sold for $40k earlier this year) as went for in excess of $50k! The seller announced the sale on DNForum prior to Sedo confirming.

Enjoy the Sedo May Sales Report!
(imcomplete and unofficial)

.COMs $112,000 $23,000 $17,500 $12,000 $11,500 $10,000 €7,000 $8,000 $7,000 $5,000 $4,900 $3,450 $2,995 $2,750 $2,500 $2,350 $1,800 $1,750

gTLD’s €24,100 $25,000 $12,000 $5,500 $5,000

ccTLDs $53,000 £15,000 $20,000 $13,250 €11,800 $10,000 £5,200 4,000 $5,000  $3,000 $4,200 €3,000 €2,280 $1,750

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