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scared com logoAn appropriate domain name for the upcoming Halloween holiday.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a haunted house but if I was looking for a good one in my area I would know (and remember) where to look online and it wouldn’t be Google.   The folks behind have done a huge marketing push here in Denver.  I’ve hear at least 3 commercial ads a day.  This is a great usage for it as it’s certainly a one word .com that sticks in your head.

Besides, a national directory, I can’t think of a better domain name to promote haunted houses locally during the month of October.  According to it has been a local haunted house directory since 2004.  The website is only promoted during the weeks leading up to Halloween which is reflected by the low alexa traffic rank.  It seems like there would be more ways to use the name/website during the off season but I guess the owners of the site just prefer to do the Halloween haunted house thing, they must be doing ok with it.

Great to see another one word .com being used for an actual purpose!  Actually, some of the best names in this niche are in use including, and  People love Halloween and being scared.

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Domain of the Day:

While waiting on hold this morning during a call to Waste Management I was informed by the friendly on hold message of a couple additional domain/sites that Waste Management utilizes.  Waste Management’s homepage is the two letter domain  Of course they also have which re-directs to

I learned today they also own which is being used as a re-direct to their dumpster rental service.  Instead of promoting this service by directing customers to the onsite url (, WM ponied up and bought is an unforgettable name that will surely pay for itself sooner than later through marketing of that service.

Waste Management also owns the name which they are using as a standalone website for their recycling and environmental services and green related initiatives. is a stellar .com and addition to Waste Management’s online portfolio.  They have had both names and for some time now and are surely enjoying more leads, traffic and improved SEO from utlizing these .coms.

A couple other .coms I noticed Waste Management is using are and  One is a re-direct and one is a standalone website.  I like the usage either way and I think WM is smart to develop out some of their names into network websites and to use some names for re-directs.  These are just some of the domains I know WM is using today, they probably have more that are being utilized as well.

Domain of the Day: banner ad
care com logoI usually choose a domain of the day after being exposed to it through an advertisement. has been running radio commercials in my locale now for at least a week or two.  I’ve heard the radio ad several times and each time I think, wow what a great use of a one word .com. is an network and marketplace connecting people seeking care services with a national and local trusted providers. is an all encompassing  network providing care options for children, pets, seniors, special needs citizens, students and even housekeeping.  It is a subscription based service that allows members to post a classified type ad to the marketplace requesting whatever kind of care you need (pet, child, etc).  Before you post your ad or sign up you can see how many providers are in your area based on your zip code.

There is also a rating system in place so you can hire based on reputation.  The network is quite extensive, for example I wanted to see how to post an ad for a pet care provider.  I was notified there are 690 pet sitters in my area and was guaranteed that I would get at multiple responses to my ad or money back. launched was registered in 1997 and the most recent site launched in 2009, it has been growing rapidly ever since. Currently, the website ranks in the top 6,500 sites worldwide and top 1,500 sites in the U.S. according to  Another great usage of a one word .com domain name, hard to argue the site would have the same amount of success if it had a brandable or catchy name that didn’t stick., you can’t forget that.

Domain of the Day:

Every so often I like to bring attention to a specific domain name or website that catches my eye.  Today, I learned about, a great resource that has listed top people to add to your ‘circle’ on Google Plus in over 20 categories.  The site is very well designed and almost feels like you are on an extension of the Google Plus site.  Alireza Yavari, an entrepreneur is the registrant and designer of He did a great job really loading up the site with a lot of interesting people to follow in categories like Bloggers, Podcasters, Web Celebs, VCs and Angel Investors, Photographers and many more.

While the domain name may be long and hard to type in or easy to misspell, I think that it is memorable and a great match for the site.  Many developers choose to go with some random made up word .com or a brandable two word combination .com for projects like this. Let’s take a closer look at the domain:

Created:  2011-07-17
Expires:  2012-07-17
Registrar History: 2 registrars with 1 drop
Whois History: 10 records have been archived since 2009-03-16

Alexa Rank: 65,707 (world) and 11,585 in the U.S.

Google Page Rank: 5

Wow, impressive stats for a domain name and website that is barely one month old.  The PR5 ranking really baffles me though..  The last PR update happened at the end of June, so did this site come out of the gates with a PR5 Google Page Rank?  Yavari obviously has a very large network and knows how to build backlinks, according to already has 1187 backlinks.

Domain of the Day: logoBy now I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials “Never go to the post office again”. The website touts “Don’t go to the post office. We’ll bring it to you”. The first site ever to sell postage online, Inc. launched the website back in 1999 where customers can buy stamps, metered postage and other services online. The site still operates on a monthly fee basis, so there is no inflation on the price of the postage you are buying – that money goes directly from you to the USPS.

This summer I am seeing commercials almost every time I turn on the TV. I’m sure they are spending a fortune on the marketing campaign, but why not? I think it will be quite effective. Nobody likes going to the post office and while most of us don’t go there to buy stamps anymore, there are other services that the USPS offers through that will keep customers from having to make that dreaded trip.

When I started looking around on the site I was a little surprised to learn that was actually launched by a company in California. I guess this was a little naive, but I thought that the USPS (United States Postal Service) was the site proprietor, however, upon visiting the site you see that it’s just an approved licensed vendor of the USPS and not owned or operated by it. That explains the commercials running right now that remind you how awful the post office lines are.

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