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Poll: Will Liquid ChiPs Continue To Dip in 2016?

2016 is flying by and we are getting closer to expiration dates on many different type of ChiPs (Chinese Premium) names that were bought out last year.  Many of these being longer numerics and 3-5 L/N/C domains in com net and org as well as many new extensions.  My guess is we’ll see massive drops as buyouts won’t hold but the biggest question is what is in store for the most liquid ChiPs like LLL, LLLL, 4N and 5N .com/.net?

Excluding 3 letter .coms, I think the best indicator on how ChiPs are doing overall is to look at the LLLL .coms which have dipped to average trading price around $1100 – $1500 with a few falling just short of the $2k mark. Source That’s a big decline compared to when they were trading at their peak a few months ago for $2500-$3000.  The LLLL .com ChiPs seem to have stopped their descent at the $1k+ mark and I think that’s a good sign.

So, with tons of renewals looming and potential massive drops in the lower end ChiP market (5L .com, 6N – 8N .com, 3-5 letter/number/character names in .xyz, .top, .club, .online, .etc) How do you think the liquid ChiP market will fair in 2016?

How will liquid ChiP domains finish out 2016?

  • Start to gradually increase almost back to 2015 Q4 figures (30%, 14 Votes)
  • Continue to drop but still have more value than similar non-ChiP domains (22%, 10 Votes)
  • Hold steady (22%, 10 Votes)
  • Sink like the Titanic (20%, 9 Votes)
  • Skyrocket! (7%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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WTF? F* Sells for $100,000 is reporting the sale of for $100,000. is a massive adult network with an Alexa rank of 22,398 worldwide and 13,151 in the U.S. The .net name also shows some traffic with Alexa rank of 3.4m and 18 incoming links.

The sold domain, originally registered in 2006 remains under privacy protection at I’m assuming the buyer was the .com adult network. For anyone else to drop that kind of cash for that domain would be ridiculous. Interesting to note that was registered less than two weeks ago.

This is the first six figure .net sale reported this year. That must make the sale a pretty impressive one considering the only two six figure .net sales reported to last year were ($138,000) and ($170,000).

Ten Steals That Sold for $X,XXX banner ad
Over the weekend, Rick Schwartz posted an article titled: Make a Million Dollars in Domains. 12 EASY steps and 36 Months! REALLY!  This post demonstrates how important it is to essentially ‘trade up’ by using profits from your previous domain sales to buy more valuable names – ones that you can make MORE profit from. 

Elliot posted a nice addendum yesterday to Rick’s article supporting the theory and giving some good insight on how he used this method to take domaining beyond just a hobby. 

I saw comments on these posts asking where/how to find higher value names that are flippable.   As I browsed through the DNJournal’s most recent sales chart, I saw several names that sold at prices where I feel the buyer is in a position to make a big profit on the turnaround.  Without doing any research on search volume or TM potential, etc, here are names I thought were deals and where they were purchased: $6,500 afternic – Damn, that’s a steal! $3,460 namejet – Geo name, brandable, sous chef.. super versatile $3,298 namejet – typo $7,600 namejet – Great brand potential $6,750 sedo – Maybe a little broad but I like it $3,000 sedo – Las Vegas TV?! $1,360 sedo – Maybe a stretch but this is a nice hack $1,890 sedo – I like this name, go flows well with the ext $1,428 sedo – Huge keyword, definitely a deal for the buyer $1,210 sedo – Maybe the second best extension for this word


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Hope you had a great week!  It was a quiet week on the blog but that is not a sign of things to come.  I am working with another writer who will be joining soon and we’re working on some interesting guest posts for the upcoming weeks… Stay tuned!

  • Moniker/Snapnames year end auction is underway and will be ending on November 17th (twelve days from now). There are some premium one word .com names in the inventory including,,,, and which currently has a high bid of $10k (reserve not met). Names I really like in this auction that I think will sell are (reserve $5-$10k), (reserve $2.5-$5k), (reserve ($5-$10k), (reserve $1-$2.5k).
  • According to the Wall Street Journal Metropolis editorial, folks heavily involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement have agreed to purchase the for $8,000. The domain, which was created on 9/23/2011 now shows the Occupy Wall Street Unincorporated Organization as the registrant and was recently updated on 11/4/2011.
  • There is a premium .CO auction going on right now at and it will end on Monday. The auction is a re-auction of names from the .CO landrush. Names that caught my eye in this auction include,,, There are also several premium LLL .co that are currently going very cheap.
  • sold recently for seven figures according to the end user buyer Mike Jackness, founder of Terran Marketing. What I think is great about this sale (besides the massive pricetag) is that the end user loves his purchase and has blogged about the value of the acquisition to his company. The final purchase price was not released but Mike hinted in his writings it was probably somewhere between $1-$2 million.
  • A few other sales that reported this week courtesy of are $400k, $210k, $133k, $100k. HuntingMoon’s adult auction also scored a couple nice sales including for $30k and for $25k.
  • Finally, I will be publishing the results of the .ME Premium Auction and Contest ASAP. I am just waiting for final numbers so that I can properly award the winners of the contest.

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Another Saturday here already! For all of you celebrating Halloween Monday with your families or this weekend at parties with your friends have fun and be careful!

  • The .ME Premium auction is underway and got off to a pretty quick start. There are still many great .ME names without any opening bids including,,,,, and many more. The highest bid right now is shared by and which are both currently at $1,550. This auction is ending Thursday, Nov. 3rd.
  • finalized the acquisition of this week. They now own NetSol as well as, the combination of those two registrars gives control over an additional 8.4 million domain names (according to has recently been mass advertising their cheap web design and hosting options for businesses via TV commercials. According to a press release, paid NetSol Holdings LLC ( parent company) $405 million in cash and 18 million shares of common stock. It will be very interesting to see what happens to the Network Solutions and brands, obviously is the shorter and more memorable name for new/non domainer customers. Even with more than 8.4 million domains housed with, this is still only a fraction’s nearly 40 million registered domains.
  • My first article of a four part series on acquiring domain names was published this week at  This first article focuses on strategy for hand registering domain names.  The series I am writing is geared more towards new domain investors, which works out great for iGoldRush as it really is a go to site for those learning the ropes in the domaining world. is the most comprehensive domain name guide and news resource on the Internet.
  • reported this week that the domain name was sold earlier this year for $2.3 million dollars via the domain marketplace.  Shane has been talking about the Chinese domain market for over a year now and has really sparked interest by many sellers in the forum.  Numeric domain names are very popular amongst the Chinese and it seems many of the highest numeric domain sales are coming from China.  The Chinese domain market is only getting stronger and is worth paying attention to if you are a serious domain seller.  According to just sold for $525k through the newsletter, the buyer a Chinese company.
  • At the request of many domain registrars, ICM Registry has extended the Sunrise Period for .XXX domain names.  At the end of the week ICM estimated they received nearly 72,000 applications with many more coming in and yet to be processed.  Elliot Silver predicts that by Monday there will be over 100,000 applications.
  • The complete list of results of the 2011 TRAFFIC Auction were posted yesterday at  Rick also just announced this morning that they will be adding an award for domain “broker of the year” to the TRAFFIC 2012 awards.
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