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Available .XXX List #2 banner ad
Authored by Mike A. No one can say for sure what the future of .XXX is. Mike Law spoke interestingly about how ICM is cashing in on the necessity of protecting your brand; especially from those taking it to the extreme and overthinking the kind of names they’ll need to protect. This type of thinking has made ICM an overnight success, pushing 200k registered names.

What type of long-term aftermarket value will these names hold? Will the extension grow and discover a firm mainstream purpose? Only time will tell. Until then, here is a killer list of available names that won’t be available much longer.  From the first .XXX available list we compiled, about half of the names were scooped up already.

Hope you see something you liked. Make sure and let us know if you decided to grab one, or if any of these inspired you to pick something else up. Happy Investing!

Available .CO Domain Name List banner ad
Authored by Mike Awada.  People have told me that I have a knack for locating some nice domain names that are available to hand register. It started out with .com, but now I have compiled a list for every desirable extension. Unfortunately for me, I cannot afford to register every good name that I find. Fortunately for you, I will be sharing my lists several times per week. Keep an eye on for the newest submissions, they could make you some serious cheese. Without further adieu, here is my available .CO list.

Some of these names may be available in other desirable extensions as well. Hope you see something you like! Please take the time to let us know what you think about the list, if you bought any names, or if any of these names inspired you to grab some other available gems. Cheers!

First Ever Available .XXX List banner ad
I found myself looking up some .XXX names this afternoon since the landrush opened to the public this morning.  I found a few that I think are decent and others that are just funny. I decided to dabble and ended up registering a couple.  Enjoy the first ever .XXX available name list!  Nothing on here too raunchy.. that’s not my style. 😉

* All of these names available at the time of publishing

Available Domains List #5 – 33 Keyword .coms

Every once in a while I like to compile a list of available domain names for my readers.   Don’t forget that Verisign is ready increase the prices of .com/.net domain names effective tomorrow.  This is your last chance to renew or register at your current rate! Enjoy the list.

* if you register one, let us know in a comment 🙂

Available Domain Name List #4 – Winter Olympics Fever and a Few Others..

I’ve enjoying watching the Winter Olympics as winter sports are my favorite, I can’t wait for the medal rounds of the snowboarding events. Of course, I got curious and started checking to see what kinds Winter Olympic sports domains were available to hand reg. Not too surprisingly, I found some pretty good ones.. so enjoy! I’ve got my eye on one or two of these, haven’t pulled the trigger yet though.. Let me know if you found one worth registering. (com, info, mobi, org, tv taken)


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