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Domainer Handshakin’ Holmes On Verge of Breaking World Record

handshakin1If you were at NamesCon you may have met Matt Holmes at Networking Lane promoting his Handshakin’ Video Series where he interviews successful entrepreneurs on their top business strategies.  Matt is a young domainer, entrepreneur and start-up enthusiast from Santa Fe, NM who attended college at the University of Denver.

The Guinness Book of World Record for longest handshake ever, 42.5 hours, is now within reach. The two hope to make history around 8:30 MST on Sunday. It’s been a rigorous 38 hours thus far but Matt and partner Juan Diaz De Leon, a young entrepreneur himself, are still going strong in their attempt to bring the record back to the United States. It’s going down in Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City.  Big ups to Redford’s Tavern in DU for hosting the event.

The shakers hope the attempt will bring awareness to the Colorado start-up scene, which has been blossoming of late in the Denver metro area.  Local 9News has even covered the Handshakin story in a segment during their prime evening news hour.  Live footage is streaming right now at!

Awarded one five minute break per hour, the brave gentlemen are fighting off fatigue, carpal tunnel and sweaty palms, swollen forearms. Follow Matt @handshakin and Juan @jdiazdeleonjr and wish these guys good luck and congrats once it’s official.


Verisign Celebrates .COM’s 30th Anniversary with #InternetOfficial Giveaway

This is pretty cool.  Verisign is giving away $100,000 in cash prizes in the next three months for contestants that:

* Register the most descriptive, memorable and original .COM domain name(s)

* Submit your newly registered .COM name(s) HERE with a description of why it’s so awesome

* Promote the new domain on your social networks

A panel of judges and the public’s votes will determine the five best domain names registered each month during the contest period. Each monthly winner will receive $5,000 and the opportunity to submit a video explaining the beauty of their entry. Those who submit will proceed to the final round for a chance to win the Grand Prize amount – $30,000!

I found out about this from Michael Berkens post on, where he also announced he will be one of the judges. This is a nice contest and way for Verisign to create a buzz about .COM in the midst of so much new GTLD activity.

.ME Premium Auction and Contest Results banner ad
Well, after hearing about the sale of do you think there were some good deals in the recent .ME auction??  Below are the top 25 results from the .ME premium auction that was held on Sedo from Oct 27th – Nov 4th.  I am announcing the winners of the .ME auction contest today. From the guessing ranges it looks like many people expected much higher sales. I was a little skeptical mainly because there were so many names in the auction.

Of the 178 domain names in the auction, 73 of them sold. Total sales ended up at $167,708.  Overall quite a successful result I would say.

domain no of bids price no of bidders  85 $9,000 9 75 $8,050 9  69 $6,200 16  68 $11,600 9 62 $3,900 11 56 $3,900 9 55 $3,667 9 45 $7,000 13 44 $5,600 7 44 $10,600 3 43 $2,601 8 39 $3,966 10 39 $3,277 10 37 $3,800 9 36 $2,500 7 34 $1,675 8 32 $2,800 7 30 $2,049 6 28 $5,900 4 26 $5,050 4 25 $1,402 5 25 $1,550 3 22 $2,150 8 20 $1,899 5 20 $1,851 3 19 $1,349 3 19 $559 4


Highest Sale: .ME Of Course! – (guess $30k)
Most Bidders:  Tomas – (guess 10)
Highest Number of Bids: Ben42 * nobody guesses that would get the highest # of bids, however Ben42 was the only person that guessed for anything so he will win!

*Anyone that took part in this contest will get a prize, please email me at [email protected] with your home or PO Box address and I will send you some .ME swag!  I will be in touch with the contest winners ASAP.  Thanks to everyone that took part!

Contest: Guess Highest Sale in the Upcoming Premium .ME Auction and Win! banner ad and the .ME Registry have teamed up to promote the upcoming Premium .ME Auction that starts next week on  We are giving away prize packs for commenters on this post that guess the names in the auction with the highest bid, most bids and highest number of bids.  There are 178 names in this auction to choose from, so I think we will see a lot of different estimations.

Here are the rules and contest guidelines

One guess per person – to qualify, each participant MUST make their guess in a comment on this post:

1) Guess the name that sells for the highest dollar amount (make sure you put a price for the tie breaker!!)

2) Guess the name that receives the most bids (make sure you put the number of bids for the tie breaker!!)

3) Guess the name that has the highest number of bidders (make sure you put the number of bidders for the tie breaker!!)

* Participants must make guesses on all three questions to qualify


The three participants that guess the closest (or exactly) on each of the above questions will receive a .ME gift pack that contains:

Three (3) .ME sticky clean screen cleaners, two (2) .ME baggage tags, one (1) .ME USB drive, one (1) rucksack bag and one (1) pint glass.

* Non U.S. participants can play too, instead of a prize pack the prize issued would be (1) free .ME registration at

** All guesses must be made in the comment section of this post, if your comment doesn’t post right away don’t worry I will approve it and will also be checking my comment spam periodically to make sure no guesses were directed there.  All guesses must be in by October 27th at 12pm EST.  The auction will start later that day and run for one week ending on November 3rd.  Once the auction results are finalized I will announce the winners.

Sound like fun?!  Well, what are you waiting for.. get your guesses in!  Premium .ME auction inventory


Heading to Miami for DNCruise!

Last week, Chef Patrick announced the winners of his DNCruise giveaway contest.  My video entry came in runner up who was Adam Torkildson of  Luckily for me, Patrick extended the prizes and decided to give a free conference pass/cruise to second place as well.

I just booked my flight to Miami, I’ll be arriving a day early and staying at an economy hotel near the airport (I know, big pimpin’ style :)).  So, if anyone wants to get together the evening of the 10th for a drink and to chat about domaining shoot me an e-mail or phone call, maybe we can head out and see a bit of Miami.

Can’t say enough thanks to Patrick for selecting me, I am stoked for the opportunity.  This will be my first cruise experience and first ever domain conference.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the people that will be attending.  As far as I know it’s still not too late to get booked on DNCruise – for more info contact email [email protected]

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