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NamePros Member Warns of Buyer Trickery

NamePros member frank-germany started a thread this morning that warned of trickery with some buyer’s that he’s experienced on NP and even Sedo.  His post is as follows (copied with his permission)

“it looks to me like here are members who may try this trick:

get you into a deal
and then after its locked in
like agreed in escrow
or SOLD here

after getting you down as much as possible

then do not pay
and as the domain is locked for them

simply wait for the development of the ( chinese ) market

and later if market goes up
may eventually pay you then
and if not
they may simply just disapear”

So basically, you are selling a domain or maybe a portfolio of domains, the buyer negotiates to your bottom line price.  Then they don’t pay right away.  Perhaps days, weeks or even months later they resurface, send payment and expect to get the domains at that price.  By then the market may have matured and profit would be realized almost immediately if the seller finishes the transaction.  This could happen on many marketplaces that don’t have set time periods in which the transaction must be completed.

Of course, a way to combat this is to always specify in your original NamePros sale post that payment must be received within a certain time frame.  Not a huge security threat or anything like that but I thought it was an interesting observation and new domainers could easily fall victim to this kind of trickery…not sure what else to call it because there’s nothing about it that sounds illegal.

Fresh Godaddy Codes and Updated Interface Review

It looks like Godaddy has recently updated its user interface. While there are no big changes to report, navigating through your account using the drop down menus has a crisper and quicker feel to it. The domain management area itself also seems to be working faster when loading and making changes.

On a not so positive note, using godaddy auctions on my mobile phone (i5s) pretty much sucks. The app is buggy, crashes often and using tools like sorting listings by end time and using predefined searches don’t work well.  Also, I noticed that when I am clicking a link to a specific domain auction on my mobile device that it just takes me to the general auctions area and not to the specific domain auction.

Anyway, here are some fresh discount codes for new .COM registrations – all of which were tested today (in the U.S) and work at time of this posting.  Discounted price is next to the code in USD not including the $.18 ICANN fee.  Happy domain hunting!

gofdusch10 .99
cjccoup149 1.49
 bjj149 1.49
ctfxc 1.99
te99cominp 1.99
cjcrmn2cp 2.00

Click HERE to head over to Godaddy and register .COMs using these fresh discount codes. Videos Released

Frank Schilling and the team at released a pair of great videos geared towards end users.  The first one, featured below speaks to the value of quality domain names and the second one is more about the company.  Thanks to Frank and team for producing quality videos about the value of quality domain names.

Saturday Tidbits

A new gTLD conference was announced this week. The Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress will take place March 12-13th in New York city.  The founding sponsor is Afilias and it looks like it will be a very informative conference which will see several workshops, roundtable discussions and speakers including Donuts Inc CEO Richard Tindal, Neustar’s Senior Business Executive Ken Hansen, CEO of PIR (.org) Nancy Gofus and Director of Global Communications at Deliotte Bill Barret among many other highly qualified speakers.  Early signup is $995, you can get more info and register here.

A few .COM sales to speak of were announced or revealed this week.  Sedo brokered the sale of for $100,000.  The buyer, Paste Magazine currently has their new .com acquisition forwarding to  It was revealed that sold for $500,000 earlier this year. recently launched with a similar feel to the business model offering free websites for business owners.  Sedo also recently brokered the sale of for $60,000.  While we’re on the topic of domain sales, Marchex released a list of it’s top 500 end user domain sales over the last few years.  Andrew at DNW did a great job of analyzing some of these sales in a part one and two of his Marchex end user sales posts.

End user sales are the goal of Domain Holdings Group this month as it’s reported they are attending the largest energy and construction conference in the Middle East, ADIPEC.  The show kicks off tomorrow and Domain Holdings will be there looking to make connections and taking premier .COM domains to the table for their clients.,,, and are being brokered by DHG and they are really going the extra mile(s) to spike interest in these top .com domains.  Way to go Domain Holdings! This is a great way to get exposure for your clients domains.

Two UDRP decisions and a RDNH decision were in the headlines this week.  A UDRP on was rejected by the respective UDRP panel and was also spared in a decision that was put forth without the owner even responding to the UDRP.  Tarheel Take-Out, LLC of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the newest addition to the reverse domain name hijacking hall of shame.  They brought a case against owners of, Versimedia and their attempts to take the name backfired. Read more about this case on TheDomains here.

Adam Dicker launched a new video blog in the last couple of weeks that is piled with invaluable information for domainers looking to improve, monetize and successfully sell their portfolios.  I haven’t gotten a chance to watch every video yet but I’m really looking forward to spending a lot more time at  Thanks to Adam for launching such a valuable resource for domainers!


Sunday Tidbits

  • A blockbuster sale of the domain name + website was announced. Terms of the sale are not 100% clear but it was confirmed there was $4 million in cash plus equity going to the seller. DomainNameWire got in touch with the seller and not surprisingly it turns out he’s no rookie to high dollar domain sales.
  • What’s this? has expired and going to auction?? The ultra premium domain which was sold back in 2008 for a reported $10 million is at pre-release auction via NameJet. Surely, the registrant would not let this slip out of their possession… right?
  • ICM Registry recently launched a search engine for .XXX websites. According to a report released by ICM and shared by TheDomains, saw almost 8 million page views, over 1.4 million visits and more than 1.2 million unique visitors in the first week of existence.
  • The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference is underway and the auction will be taking place tomorrow!  I wrote about the auction last week and I think it will be very interesting to see the results.  I have my eye on a few lots and have been confirmed as a phone bidder, looking forward to it!
  • The Broncos and Patriots are getting ready to clash this afternoon, GO Broncos!  My prediction is Broncos 34-27 in a shootout.  This is Peyton Manning’s chance to really prove he is back and we need a win to stay in the hunt for the division lead.  Are you watching football today?  Who are you rooting for??  Have a great Sunday!
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