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Are You Ready for gTLD Reveal Day?

Get your popcorn (or pop tarts) ready, it’s Reveal Day and the New gTLD ‘Reveal Day’ Conference begins in a few short hours at 12:00 UTC  in London (8am EST). Here’s your guide to the New gTLD madness going on today:

* ICANN will publish the list of new gTLD applied for strings and applicants here

* Watch the event streaming live via on ICANN’s website

* Here’s just a small preview of what you can expect to see today!

Here’s what to expect from ICANN and the gTLD program moving forward beyond today (besides more delays)

*  For all the breaking news on the New gTLD’s Mike Berkens of is and has been the source, bookmark his page if you want to know what’s up with gTLD’s.

*  A few great reads on New gTLD’s and the domain name industry from this week to get your gTLD juices flowing include Five Predictions By Jeff Ernst for ICANN’s Reveal Day.  Be sure to also check out Paul Sloan’s article on CNET that features Frank Schilling and his new gTLD company, Uniregistry.  If after the CNET article you were confused by Frank’s claim that the .com space is exhausted, Shane’s follow up is must read.  I would definitely suggest reading Rick Schwartz most recent post as well.



‘Anonymous’ Takes Down and

In retaliation to the fed shutdown of the multi-million dollar file sharing website, the group of ‘hacktivists’ known collectively as ‘Anonymous’ had at some point today, taken down two of the most visited sites on the net. with a worldwide Alexa traffic rank of 32K and with a rank of 1k.

Earlier this week, Anonymous took down the sites of the U.S. Justice Department and the Motion Picture Association of America.

A video claiming to be from Anonymous and their current project “#OpGlobalBlackout” claimed if MegaUpload was not reinstated immediately, that they would flex their muscle and take down some of the biggest sites on the net. They gave a 72 hour warning for these attacks to take place.

That was 72 hours ago.

It seems like Anonymous has been able to trick various social media users to click on unspecified links that unbeknownst to the user, triggered programs designed to fire online attacks at various anonymous targets.

More information is breaking seemingly by the minute. The websites of the United Nations, Capital One, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have been sited by Anonymous as potential targets. For domainers this is certainly something big to keep an eye on, but the implications are far-reaching, touching a global nation of internet users.

According to Matt Mullenweg: 22 of Every 100 New U.S. Domains Runs WordPress

I finally got a chance to watch Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word speech today which he gave Monday at the WordCamp San Francisco Event. A couple stats he gave that jumped out at me right away were that 14.7% of all websites run on the WordPress platform, which is an 8% + increase in one year. That stat is pretty astounding but even more surprising to me was that his sources claim 22 of every 100 new U.S. domain runs WordPress.

I love WordPress and attended a WordCamp last year when it came to Boulder. I’m happy and not at all surprised to see it growing, the numbers are a bit mind boggling though. Pretty soon WordPress will be required in the high school curriculum, if it’s not already.

A few notes I jotted down quickly while watching the Matt’s speech:

New features/plugins
zen writing mode
shelf theme (horizontal design)
onswipe plugin
presswork (
backbuddy and vaultpress

According to survey
Hourly rates for WP web developers charge: Avg of $58/hr and Median of $50/hr
#1 positive point: ease of use
#1 complaint: plugins
*Announcement old/unupdated plugins (2 yrs old) will be hidden in WP search, not shut off just hidden for new searches

Fauxgo WP logo vs. Real logo

WP Trends and Stats

Watch for yourself, from WordPress.TV

TechCrunch Sells to AOL

Michael Arrington, former domainer and founder of TechCrunch has sold the widely popular technology blog to AOL.  Tim Armstrong CEO of AOL confirmed the news on TC in a post this morning.  Obviously, AOL is still trying to gain traction in becoming a digital news and content provider.  The opening line of Armstrong’s post this morning read:

Leading Authority on Tech News Will Expand AOL’s Growing Offering of World-Class, Audience-Relevant Content

The majority of commenters on the post booed, hissed and yelled sellout!  So will TC ever be the same after today?  We’ll see.  I actually frequent the blog quite often since it can be a pretty good source for breaking domain name news. Acquires Massive Middle East Web Portal Maktoob

In an $85 million deal has expanded it’s global market by acquiring and it’s vast Middle East network. One of Maktoob’s featured websites is a widely popular Arab matrimonial service. Other notable sites that were part of the acquisition are,, The Maktoob network reaches one in every three people in the Middle East.

Yahoo and Maktoob FAQ:

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