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3 Interesting Auctions at NamePros

There are more and more daily posts popping up that focus on domain auctions.  Maybe the first and most consistent is Shane’s List of Auctions.  I read his post every morning along with my first cup of coffee.  Shane does a great job of researching and putting together relevant lists and then adding a bit of commentary and humor to his daily posts.

Often times I run into auctions on NamePros that haven’t been covered.  There are a couple of those going on now that haven’t had coverage on a domain blog as far as I know.  No affiliate links and these aren’t my auctions. – One of the better pronounceable LLLL .coms on the market right now, high bid has already surpassed floor price of a 4L .com chip and I wouldn’t be surprised to see bidding on this to continue in the the $5,xxx range. [EDIT] AFTER INVESTIGATION BY NAMEPROS MODERATORS, IT WAS REVEALED THIS IS A STOLEN DOMAIN, AUCTION WAS CLOSED[/EDIT] – I have a couple similarly patterned 4L .net chips and have sold some in current bid range.  Hoping my gamble to hold out for higher pays off. – Not that special of a CCC .com if it didn’t contain an ‘8’, nonetheless it’s a short .com and has received bids above the observed wholesale minimum for LNL patterns according to, Being Promoted On SuperBowl Weekend by Igloo

I received an email press release this morning from with a timely announcement that they are brokering some great Colorado and football related domains.  Most of the promotion from the release was focused on the domain, a really nice geo domain as Denver is the capital city of Colorado (state abbreviation is CO).  Igloo also has a nice collection of 4 letter .com and keyword .COM names they are brokering.

If you don’t already know, I am a Denver native and HUGE Broncos fan.  Our team is playing the Carolina Panthers on Sunday for the 50th Super Bowl. It should be a great weekend! Enjoy the game and GO BRONCOS!

Here is the email received this morning:

We’re not choosing sides, but Igloo is looking for the biggest Denver fan in Domaining.  Denver, CO is not only is the mile-high home of the Broncos, but it’s the most highly educated city in the in the nation and has been ranked the best locale for singles (maybe because it also brews more beer than any other city and has more dispensaries than Starbucks).  Denver is the jumping-off for The Rockies, but is the jumping-off point for all Denver, CO business. This short, unforgettable domain for such a breathtaking city can instantly brand your next venture or and attract more clients to your existing company.

Since we realize Broncos fans are a passionate bunch and might want this domain for bragging rights, its not only offering the opportunity to own the Denver.Co domain, but we will also throw in an authentic autographed Peyton Manning football to sweeten the deal.

By the way…, and are also available for those more interested in Colorado’s slopes than touchdowns.

We currently are offering a small portfolio of CHIP LLLL domains, a strong Traffic Domain portfolio, and a portfolio. If you are interested in any of these or looking to acquire or sell other portfolios, please contact our brokers.

Looking for something specific? is proud to not only offer the best in premium .com domains, but also an extensive list of LLL.coms, portfolios, and much more.  If you are interested in acquiring any of our featured domain names to secure your brand or drive business to your site, please contact us or search our online database for the complete list of domains.

Domaining Spotlight Articles

It’s been an interesting week in the domain industry with the announcement of Google using a “new G” for the homepage of its newly restructured parent company called Alphabet.  There’s a lot of speculation that this will really open the flood gates for companies to start adopting new gTLD’s.  Sales of short domain names continues to flourish as reported by TheDomains with the sale of and possibly


My NamesCon Recap (NamePros Video)

Instead of writing my recap you can just watch it (I’m the first interview)

Some of the interview was edited, thankfully haha.. NamesCon was a great show, huge congrats to Richard, Jothan and Jodi! I took a lot away from the conference this year and it was great seeing old friends and making new connections.

To reiterate, one of the most interesting and valuable classes for me was the Chinese masterclass series put on by TLDRegistry. I was a little bummed to miss out on the brandable domain name discussion on the last day ad I had to fly out Wednesday afternoon, but heard it was a good one. Also, the Sherpa session where Adam Dicker bought the domain from an attendee was great and I’m glad they got it on camera.

Thanks for the chance to do the interview Edward (NamePros) and Kevin (Flippa) looking forward to NamesCon next year!

Correction: NOT Sold

Last week after reading in the newsletter:


Game is over. Next week I will announce the new owner of



Myself and many others assumed the deal was done and started speculating how much it sold for and who the buyer was. The poll I posted had almost 100 votes – lots of varying opinions on the value!  Yesterday, Francois did a guest post on TheDomains  in which he explained after receiving an offer meeting his reserve (but deal not closed) he prematurely made the above announcement…in hopes of getting the other buyers to jump and come back to the table with higher offers.  It seems now there is no buyer yet for at the price level Francois seeks to sell, which he has stated is seven figures+.

I agree with some of the sentiment from the commenters on TheDomains article yesterday, that it was a mistake to announce the sale early and bad negotiation tactic.  I disagree with all the folks who think is something that can be easily replicated.  There is no replicating – it is the one website that if you ask anyone in the domain industry where to find the best daily domain news and opinion columns they will send you.  Surely, wouldn’t be where it is today without bloggers like Alleman, Silver, Schwartz, Berkens, Cultra, etc…however, it’s a two way street.   Those blogs, this one and many others wouldn’t have the readership, traffic and advertisers without, the man behind it and the passion he has for domaining.

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