A Couple .COM Hand Regs

I’m always on the lookout for good .com hand registrations.  I’m excited about two of my most recent pickups.  If you want to share your recently registered domains post them here in a comment. – I found this baby available after further research on medical marijuana, which is a very hot topic here in Colorado and around the Nation.  I balked on registering and to my surprise the next day it was already registered.  Curiosly, I checked again and someone also registered and .org. – I have friend and family ties to Guatemala so this was a no brainer for me.  I found this nice .com on Bill’s Available List last week.  All major country+soccer .coms are taken, especially Latin American countries!   Of course, soccer is the most popular sport in Guatemala. I was quite surprised to find this one on an expired list.

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  • I live in chicago and grew up loving basketball and the bulls and now I can build an ultimate fan social site at . I hand registered it a few weeks ago.

  • I love hand regging names and have made alot of money off of them too.I am a big marijuana advocate and hand regged these not to long ago.PotSeedsOnline.Com which I am developing and having a blast working on it.I also hand regged GrowingOutoors.Com and PotSeedsForSale.Com The one that surprised me was after I regged GrowYourOwnMarijuana.Com I had a 4 figure offer for it.I have a few names in the NY TRAFFIC Moniker Extended Auction that I hand regged like BoyfriendPics.Com,SendMyGold.Com,DetroitMichiganRentals.Com and TransferringSchools.Com,ProSoccerPlayer.Com and CricketSeason.Com.I think CricketSeason.Com has huge potential.POT is going to legal soon and people should really jump on the bandwagon now.Cheers, Kevin Davis.

  • Like you I’m always after good com hand regs

    A few Ive reged recently

    Im down to around 10 regs a week these days (from a high of 100 or so)
    Waiting very patiently for the market to pick up again.

  • I just heard these 2 phrases on the news and hand regged RentingMoney.Com and LoaningCredit.Com.You don’t have to be smart in this business you just have to be the first.

  • @KD you’ve got some nice pot domains. Good to hear you are working on development for your favorite ones.

    Thanks for the responses guys

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