Branding, Using a Domain Hack Instead of .COM

what is a domain hack? a hyperlocal blog aggregator was recently injected with a $7 million cash investment from round B financing largely coming from Union Square Ventures which includes CNN Worldwide.  Taking a look at’s accomplishments since launching in 2007, the network boasts approximately 6 million monthly unique visitors and nearly 5,000 local bloggers that use’s distribution, geo tagging and mapping tools.

When asked in an interview with how it will use it’s newest funding Mark Josephson, CEO said this:

“We’re going to continue to evolve so that more publishers can do more things with all the data we aggregate and organize. We’re going to do more things for local bloggers to drive more traffic and help them build their business and we are going to continue to evolve our core site so that people can get more answers about what’s going on right around them.”

Are you still confused as to why a growing network is continuing to build its brand around the Indian ccTLD hack domain?  Wouldn’t be a better solution for a company based out of New York, whose main sponsors are  Union Square Ventures, Betaworks, and CNN?  I’m sure these are questions that Mr. Josephson faces everyday.  In fact, is owned by Josephson and re-directs to therefore we already know there aren’t really any typo traffic problems.  Maybe it’s a matter of preference, the brand was launched as ‘’ and it looks like it will stay that way, that’s admirable.  I’ll be disappointed if I find myself writing a follow up post about how was re-branded

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