Google Launching it’s Own URL Shortener, Goo.gl

Google announced yesterday the newest addition its toolbar, a URL shortener called goo.gl.  You may have already clicked the link and thought “..What kind of url shortener is this with no entry field for my links..?”  Unlike bit.ly and other popular URL shorteners, goo.gl is not a standalone URL shortnener.  To use it you must install the new Google toolbar to use it or use it via feedburner.  *I have actually installed my new toolbar and the share button is not yet sharing goo.gl links yet, I’ll update this post when that changes.

So within 24 hours Facebook announces the launch of it’s shortener, fb.me and google announces the rollout of goo.gl.  Sounds like bad news for the competition.. mainly bit.ly.  However, for now I’m sticking with bit.ly since it is the easiest way for me to track traffic stats to links that I shorten and share.

[edit] My tool bar is still not sharing with goog.gl however I have found this link shortening site that provides links with goo.gl

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