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Testing Out WordPress Auction Plugin from SiteMile on

Andrei over at gave me a copy of his WordPress Auction Plugin 1.0 to try out on a project and review.  You can see the nice auctions this plugin produces, I installed the plugin to a new WP site  The script allows WP admins and subscribers (if you choose) to add nice, functional auction style sales to the sidebar of WordPress sites.

This is a very stable plugin and it worked fine with all three themes that I tested it out with.  Once you install and activate the WordPress Auction Plugin, you will see the auction plug-in control panel in the left sidebar of your WP dashboard.  From the control panel you can manage and add auctions, customize your auction inputs and create/distribute credits.  Be sure that your auction widget is activated within the widget control panel in your WP dashboard as well or your auctions will not appear on your site.

I am very impressed with how easy it is to add/modify auctions and distribute credits using this plugin.  The actual auctions look very sleek and professional as you can add pictures and a BIN price to your auctions if you choose.  This tool works perfectly for selling domain names on your own site!  Only registered users are allowed to bid on or add auctions, you can create and distribute credits easily to your members once they register (subscribe) to your WP blog.  As of now the script does not handle the paypal payments between users for products, so once an auction is closed (or purchased at BIN) you have to arrange payment, transfer (shipping), etc.. via information you collect when bidders register.  Andrei just released version 1.1 this morning with some extra features, same low price!

-= WordPress Auction Plugin 1.1 Official Homepage =-

If you purchase this plugin, be sure to mention you found it here 🙂  As well, find your way to and register for the dcf Available Domain Names Newsletter and receive your first 50 free credits!  You’ll be able to bid/list auctions and even advertise your names in our newsletter with your credits.

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  • I wish this plugin would work on my site. I purchased and installed it but have had issues trying to get it to work without breaking my site each time I hit activate on the plugin. Anyways, hopefully I get it working 🙂

  • Sitemile is building my website and said it will be finished by tonight. Please check in to see their progress so you can begin to buy and sell. Thanks!!

  • Truely amazing response.
    you post a query and you can be certain you will get an answer from sitemile . Great job

  • The product may be good if you just want to use it “out of the box” but if you want any customization doing then FORGET IT! – Andrei will just string you along with a load of lies and excuses; 6 MONTHS LATER (Yes really 6 Months later) you are STILL waiting for the project to be completed!!! – WORD OF WARNING TO ANYONE BUYING THIS & HAVING RECEIVED A QUOTE FOR CUSTOMIZATION! – ADD 6 MONTHS ONTO THE TIMESCALE!!!

    (This isn’t just me having a rant – I have spoken to a number of dissatisfied buyers who have said the same – many of whom had to cancel their personalisation work and some even wrote the purchase off as a loss and bought another from somewhere else!

  • Do not buy the themes from sitemile is a waste of money. The themes are full of bugs, support is the worst I have ever met!

  • Do not buy their themes ever. The developer keeps making false promises and also I keep finding Romanian IP addresses that are trying to hack my server. This was not happening before I purchased their themes. I feel ripped off with the misleading descriptions of their themes. I would of rather purchased appthemes or templatic, I been spending weeks instead trying to clean up the mess of these dirty hackers.

  • My law firm is currently in discussions with a number of customers of the website It has been alleged that they have been conning customers by selling themes that contain several bugs and openly promoting them as “turn-key solutions” that will give you a website “within minutes of purchasing” despite being well aware that the themes do not work.

    Several customers have already forwarded me screenshots where SiteMile have promised to fix the bugs but never delivered, screenshots of customer posts which SiteMile have deleted from their forum to hide their dodgy practices from potential new customers, and other evidence they have tried to hide. If you believe you have been conned by this company, or its owner Andrei Saioc, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  • I would like to consider the opportunity
    of thanking you for your professional direction I have often enjoyed checking out your site.
    We’re looking forward to the commencement of my university research and the whole groundwork would never have been complete without coming over to this site.
    If I could be of any help to others, I will be thankful to
    help by way of what I have gained from here.

  • Do not buy the themes from sitemile, it is a waste of money. The themes are full of bugs, support is the worst I have ever met, Andrei will keep giving you empty promises with no actions. Sitesmile is a scam. I purchased from them the project/freelancing theme.

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