360.com Sells for $17 Million – Poll: Will 360.com be Largest Sale of 2015?

Two monster sales to start out the year – Rick Schwartz sold Porno.com for $8,888,888.  Also, apparently confirmed by domain brokers George Hong and Andrew Rosener 360.com was sold by Vodaphone to Qihoo for $17,000,000.  Qihoo is a leading Chinese technology company that currently operates on 360.cn.  If the 360.com sale is complete, it will top the charts of highest all time reported domain sale.

Ultra premium .com domains are starting to go for more and more..this raises the question.  With it being just the first week into February and two huge sales already reported.. Will 360.com be the largest sale of this year?  Please vote below.

Will 360.com be the largest domain sale of 2015?

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3 Responses to “360.com Sells for $17 Million – Poll: Will 360.com be Largest Sale of 2015?”

  1. Mike says:

    …and Andrew Rosener is also reporting the sale of 50.com, exact price under NDA but 7 figures.

  2. Justin says:

    Amazing, amazin that numerical .com domains are shattering all records. They told us back in 90’s and early 2000s who cares about numerical domains. Look at these domains now. Amazing absolutely amazing a numerical 3 digit can command a price more than sex .com.

    Look at the 5 digit .coms. Amazing. Is 6 7 8 digit .coms next? Time will tell.

  3. even 4 digit domains are selling for enough money. To think one could retire from a 3 digit domain wow

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