‘Developing’ Your Domain Names

First of all to clear up any confusion, I titled this post ‘developing’ your domain names because I am going to talk about developing the domains in your portfolio into something beyond a parked page NOT full blown web development, which is a very costly and time consuming task.  What I want to focus on here is moving your domain portfolio (or parts of it) away from parked pages and shifting more towards creating landing pages, minisites, or blogs for domain names.  Why?  PPC revenue is on a serious decline and search engines don’t typically index parked pages.  By ‘developing’ domains monetization, traffic and the value of your domain should all increase.

There are several ways to create a different feel for your domain when you type it into your browser instead of looking at the same old parking pages.  Before you dive into these projects you’ll need a hosting account (preferably one that allows you to host multiple domains), knowledge using cpanel, and some html or even php background will really help.  I practice three methods for ‘developing’ domains.

First, I like to create custom landing pages for domains, it’s quite easy using html or a template service.   I like to do this when I am promoting domains for sale or if I have a nice looking logo for a specific domain.  Here are a couple examples: and,  These custom landers only took me a few minutes to make and get online.  I like to use affiliate banners for monetization on these since there is not enough content to use adsense.

Creating a ‘blog’ using WordPress or a similar blogging software is a good way to add content to any ordinary domain.  It’s not hard to setup a blog using cpanel and with some frequent updating you can get your domain indexed in major search engines pretty fast.  There is even software out there that auto-updates or aggregates news specifically on topics you define (I don’t use these, I like old fashion way of hand writing my articles).  Here are a couple blog sites (besides this one) that I have up:, (recently sold but still up).  My blog sites are not monetized to their full potential but the earnings from these sites make it worth updating them with new content frequently.  *There is lots of $$ to be made with serious blogging and many more ways to make money using your blog, do some research I am just scratching the surface here.

Lastly, I want to talk about minisites.  Minisites are multipage websites that are created to provide information, articles, pictures, links, etc. on specific topics relating to the domain being used.  Minisites differ from fully developed websites because they usually do not provide a service or sell a product, they are mostly informational.  I have had far better PPC results from adsense clicks on my minisites than I have for a LONG time with parking.  I prefer to use a great free service called Noomle to develop some of my minisites.  Also, you wont need to use your own hosting account if you are going to develop minisites with Noomle.  It is very easy and is not very time consuming.  The nice thing about creating minisites is that you can always go back and add more content, pages, etc.  So, by making minisites you should get your domains indexed in search engines, assuming your content is halfway decent (hopefully multiple pages of your site gets indexed).  Naturally, this will increase traffic to your domain, increasing it’s value.   Here is an example of a nicely developed noomle minisite (not mine):, another I created myself (not using noomle): and a  poker minisite I created last year using my own templates (now sold, but still up)

Hopefully this will motivate you to ‘develop’ some of your domains into something other than a stale parking pages.  Don’t get me wrong I still have much of my portfolio parked, but I try to set some time aside from buying, selling, and general domaining each month to ‘develop’ a domain or two.

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  • I like developing domains too, I like installing wordpress on the domain, using a free theme, adding some content, and all of a sudden, the domain is almost worth double of it’s original value.

  • I also think developing domain is the way to go. There just isn’t much money to be made in domain parking for those that came to the game late. I have mainly develop my mini-sites using wordpress. But I will give Noomle a try.

  • I have been planning to develop domains for quite some time, but could not spare time.Atleast now i will try and use wordpress and try to develop a few sites.

  • Until I read your post, I was assuming it would take lot of money and hard efforts to develop a domain into a functional website (minisite atleast) but you proved me wrong. I am gonna try developing few of my parked domains. Lemme see how well it works!

  • Ken – Don’t get me wrong it does take some time and effort (or money) to develop a nice minisite. Keyword NICE.. Noomle will provide you with articles that you can copy and post on your site. Their article library has hundreds (maybe thousands?) of articles that you can search thru to find some for your minisite topic. TBH, I have yet to find a quality article in that library that makes sense to post on any of my pages. So you have a couple options; write your own or pay someone to write articles for you. It’s important to have or continue adding lots of content to your minisites, can never have too many pages!

    Good Luck! Want to post one here when you finish it so we can check it out?

  • Yes Perfect Post for the people who park there sites simply and wait for days to sell it. Instead of doing that if we can develop the domain i hope we can earn more than what we get if we sell.

    Good Post mate …

  • your post looks good. i didnt know anything about Minisites, maybe i will try to build one.
    and the best part, i got 4 domain suggestions in my mind after reading your post, great!

  • The main thing with WordPress mini-sites is that once you have designed one perfectly you can than take the same concept to another domain. Using SEO friendly WordPress themes is important plus adding some SEO plug ins can really, really help. Make sure all your page titles are unique.

  • I really enjoyed reading this article and thanks for introduction of Noomle. I am 100% sure this article is a good reference for people who is parked their site. As Mike said may be its take time to develop, but its worth spending our time and effort.

  • Developing a domain is always a good idea. I was able to sell a domain for 15 times profit after developing it. When i say profit it takes into consideration my outsourcing costs as well as other related costs. So I would advice anyone to develop a domain first before simply selling the domain.

  • Great article .. Developing a domain alwaysis better than parking it somewhere . It improves your traffic and unlocks the true potential . If you can’t write codes .. you can always start a blog,right ?
    Really helpful for the new domainers . Great job !

  • I agree with Adarsh that establishing a website is much better than just sitting on a domain name. For every ignorant being out there that doesn’t know how simple creating a blog with WordPress is, the better it is for us. 😛

  • My main concern is the hosting cost of putting up of my idle domain names. It does add up when you have 20+ domains you want to develop.

  • Developing domain is good concept i like the way you write it. i enjoy while reading. wordpress is really good i like to use it and its vast.

  • I must say that your blog website is totally informative. I’ve been investing plenty of free time for the last last couple months searching at precisely what is in existence based upon the actual fact that I will be planning to launch a blog. The information you have put on here is essentially to the point. It just is likely so challenging in relation to all the technological innovations that are in existence, but I appreciate the way your seems to be. Gotta take pleasure in where technological innovation has come throughout the last 20 years.

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