Featured Domain Name: Galoshes.com

It has been almost a month since NameTalent.com featured a new domain.  Today, I am excited to showcase a product specific domain name – Galoshes.com.  ‘Galoshes’ is the one word term synonymous with rain boots.  Galoshes typically (but not always) reach  just below the knee keeping your inner shoe dry.

There are 298k search results when searching for the word ‘Galoshes’ in Google and 993k search results in Yahoo.  Additionally, Google Adwords estimates approximately 49,500 ‘broad’ search queries and over 18,500 ‘exact’ search queries each month for the term ‘Galoshes’.  Between ‘Galoshes’ and ‘Rainboots’ there are nearly 200 keyword sponsors on google alone.

Online shoppers are certainly looking for a nice pair as you can tell by the fact Amazon.com has 168 current listings for the word ‘Galoshes’.  Apparently, galoshes have also become quite stylish.  Swims.com has a really nice line of fashionable galoshes (I really like the ‘mobster black’ – may have to order some of those ;)).

The domain Galoshes.com has been registered since early 2002.  One word domain names that are product specific in the .COM extension are very rare! Ultimately, these are the best domain names for retail businesses to own.  Galoshes.com may be for sale, if you have any inquiries about this rare domain name contact Craig at [email protected].

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