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Placed a Domain For Sale in New Facebook Marketplace

Anyone else checked out the new Facebook marketplace yet?  I was surprised to login and find Facebook added an entire new online marketplace, which is powered by  It’s organized like an online classifieds page with jobs, real estate, vehicles, and items for sale sections.  When you first login to the marketplace you can see listings from your friends and friends of friends, aka people in your “social circle”.  Right away upon opening the marketplace, I saw an ad that interested me for a rental condo in the mountains.  I inquired and got a response in less than five minutes.  Pretty cool.

Of course, I decided to list a domain name for sale in the marketplace to try it out.  I chose to place my first domain listing in the ‘everything else’ category.  Here’s the listing.  It was really easy to add a listing to the marketplace and of course you can post your listing to your Facebook wall or upgrade the listing to a paid advertisement (to be seen randomly in the sidebar by all fb users).  You can even bump your sale once every 24 hours by clicking the “Promote to Top Results” button from your marketplace control panel.

I’m intrigued by this move by Facebook to open up an entire marketplace like this.  It’s all free now, but I can’t see why they would launch something like this without the intent to monetize it at some point down the road.  I guess they will likely see a big increase in the amount of members buying paid ads.  It’s something I’ve considered using before the marketplace even came out.  I hope that Facebook has some sort of plan to keep loads and loads of spam from making the marketplace and undesirable place to browse listings.  Here’s a survey by Facebook about your opinion on the new marketplace.

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