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I decided to check out this service because they tout domain naming contests and other web service related contests that award cash prizes. Even though they started off on the wrong foot with me, I signed up because I saw a couple domain naming contests that I thought I could win with with a quick entry or two. I spent about 10 minutes entering two domain naming contests. If one of my suggestions is chosen, I could win up to $50 or $75 per name. The site seems legit, with several members posting contests (some repeat) and a handful of active contestants entering domain naming contests. The minimum you can start a domain naming contest for is $35 USD. I have not yet completed a transaction there so I cannot verify the integrity of the site or it’s members. If you have any info, please feel free to share with a comment.

One thing struck me odd about their domain naming contests, you must choose to make the entries private. This lets anyone see suggested names in contests that are not private entry, on top of that there is a box showing the availability and a check box for you to register it through their registrar if you want to buy it! That seems a little underhanded as well, host a naming contest and then encourage the participants to buy a name that is suggested in the contest … LOL. There are many good names suggested in the contests that were completed.. Here are a couple winning entries (available domains that contest holders chose) and the amount $$ awarded over the last few days: $50 (contest – herbal site name) $75 (contest – brandable, online regtrations site) $125 (contest – social media site) $100 (contest – bargain hunting site).

I decided to write about not because they paid me or I want to promote a site that spams us domain bloggers (I’ve seen their spam get thru some domain blogs) but because I see an opportunity for domainers who have a little extra time to make a some money with these contests, oh and there are some good available domain suggestions to browse through too šŸ˜‰ It seems like they are really finding people interested in starting a domain naming contest for upwards of $100 on a regular basis which is good for our industry. If anyone has info (good or bad) about share with us please.

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  • Quote : “thought I could win with with a quick entry or two.”
    lol… This is exactly what I thought, anyways, judging from the domain you chose i.e. I think you have good chances to win a contest. BTW, did you make any income with squadhelp?

  • I signed up to be a namer. I started only a few days ago. My thoughts are mixed. I enjoy the fact that I’m not sitting in an office coming up with ideas. I’m just not sure that if a name is picked, you will get paid. There is one that is looking for wall art to depict the feel and purpose of their business. (They already have a logo). How do I know that if I submit artwork that they won’t use my idea, but tweek it a bit, making it “their” work/piece? I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across correctly, but I just see a few loopholes here.

  • I know someone who has won twice. What I do not like about this site is someone gets $100-$200 for naming your company that will make millions off of YOUR idea and catchy name. There’s something really wrong with that. One guy is opening a large venue that includes restaurants, bars, shops, bands, etc and make himself rich from the catchy name he paid someone only $100 for. Um….no.

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