.TV Spotlight Post #2

Another busy week for the .TV… Jumping right in!

  • Metal.tv recently sold for $16,000.  Seller Claude Dauman who also owns .TV domains like Connect.tv and Vinyl.tv mentioned on NamePros that he was in negotiations for several weeks with the buyer.  The new owner appears to be an end user that will likely do something music related with the domain:
    ICS GmbH, Ettlingen
  • The auction for Pro.tv ended at $2700 at NamePros but the auction for Swap.tv is just heating up and is currently at $2400.  Seller James Black also recently sold Tourist.tv, Cardiff.tv, Rewind.tv and Banco.tv in the low $x,xxx range at Sedo.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for the sales reports from Sedo.
  • Michael Berkens author of TheDomains.com (who was also spotted bidding in the swap.tv auction) wrote a blog post today mentioning Joe Namath is using a .TV domain for his new site BroadwayJoe.tv.  It only makes since “Broadway Joe” chose a .TV domain for his new site since most of the content comes from his video blogging.
  • I typed .TV into Google and the first match was Verisign.tv with site caption reading –  .TV – the top level domain (TLD) preferred for rich media including video, animation and user-generated content – the .tv domain can create a memorable URL.. I just dug up a Verisign.tv promotional video (below) featuring Bill Mushkin CEO of Name.com talking about .TV domains.

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  • Twelve to fifteen years ago when what would turn out to be megapremium .COM domains were first being registered, there were no parking or affiliate programs, Google Adsense, or domain aftermarkets. Domain registration was speculation on the branding potential of the name. Now with close to 90 million .COM domains registered, finding a meaningful search volume .COM domain with a commercial application is practically impossible. One must go to domain aftermarkets where .COM domain holders normally shoot for the sky. No doubt .COM is widely recognized and the preferred extension but at what price? Type-in traffic is a small percentage of the overall search volume for any given phrase so why is .COM really worth so much more branding wise than other extensions? Well, alternatives exist and with online video consumption exploding, a comparable keyword .TV domain can make for a good alternative at a much more reasonable price.

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