Are You a TweetMaster?

I’m not. I admit it, I stink at leveraging Twitter to really help drive traffic to my blog and other links that I like to share. Like a prehistoric fossil I still tweet and retweet mostly ‘via web’ and probably only tweet out about a quarter of my posts. I find the whole process of shortening my link, posting it on twitter, adding hash tags and relevant keywords and keeping it under 140 characters extremely annoying. Most of my time spent on Twitter is reading updates and following links while on my mobile device.  I use the YapYap app to access the stream from my Android phone. It’s gratifying to come across tweets linking to my own posts that have been shared  by my followers that I have yet to tweet – thank you to those supporting tweeters.

So, who are the TweetMasters in the domain blogosphere?  A crude way to measure this is to find out who has the most followers.  I used the tool to quickly find out who has the biggest Twitter following (Note: It looks like the DS tool hasn’t been updated too recently but still gives us a general idea and quick links to each bloggers Twitter account). (@fusiblenetwork) who’s blogging frequency has dropped off significantly over the last couple months is way ahead of the pack with 31,000+ followers, (@ebusinessdomains) is second with approx 15,400 followers.  Then there is Mark at (@DotSauce) whose links I click on all the time – he has almost 14,200 followers and is very active on Twitter.  Guess who has the fourth highest followership?  None other than inspirational young blogger/domainer Brian Diener from (@teendomainer) who is closing in on 7,500 followers and is a very active on Twitter.

Besides not tweeting much I have still not designed or paid for a professional looking background design for my Twitter account (I know, I know it’s IMPORTANT).  Also, there’s something wrong with the retweet plugin that allows my readers to easily share my blog posts to the world by adding that little link.  Well, I am writing this not to admit defeat but to point out what I need to improve on so that I can motivate myself to do so already..  On the bright side, I am excited to be nearing the 1,000 follower mark. 🙂

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  • As far as Twitter goes, Im staying away from it. I dont know if thats a good thing or not. SO in reality Im even more of a dinosaur since I forbid myself to go onto twitter and create an account for my blog. Everytime I think of “twitter” or “tweeting” I think of teen girls with nothing better to do so they provide the world their step by step useless routines.. I’ll Pass.
    On a brighter note, congrats on reaching the 1K mark – I hope you have more success with the tweets 🙂

  • @Brian – No problem.. keep up the good work!

    @Chris – Thanks for the congrats.. I feel ya, it’s not easy for me to get motivated to tweet much but I’m trying to stay up with the times. Good luck with your blog!

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