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As .TV sales in 2010 have increased in volume and pricing, there is a lot of discussion by portfolios holders on how to place a value on their .TV names.  Being that there are many good keyword .TV domains for sale at low prices for anyone looking in the aftermarket (generally $xxx and below) there seems to be some confusion as to why and how certain .TV names pull in big sales while other seemingly better names sit in our portfolios and receive little attention.  Raymond Hackney, founder of Everything.tv made a great point while talking about this subject in a thread at NamePros the other day.  Basically, he said that each .TV name and sale is unique and should not be compared to other .TV sales as the situation and reason for selling is usually totally different.

Most of the reported .TV sales each week are made to end users and while I pitch my .TV names to a fair amount of end users, it is ultimately up to them if they are going to embrace the extension or not.  A lot of it also has to do with how good of a salesman the seller is, or how much cash flow the potential buyer may have at the moment and more importantly, whether they see .tv as a good way to increase their brand awareness.  There are too many factors to try and understand each scenario.  I think that as we (.TV domainers) continue to gather sales data and keep each other informed in public outlets like the dot-TV subforum at NP and AllThings.tv forum we can draw from each others experience and success to find out how we can make the most out of our own .TV sales.

Here’s an example..  A couple months ago I saw Jim Holleran report that he sold Herbs.tv for $x,xxx, since I owned Herbal.tv at the time I looked up who bought Herbs and realized it was an herbs company that also owned Herbs.com and many other extensions.  I pm’d Jim through a forum and asked a few questions about the sale.  I got the feeling from Jim that the new owner of Herbs.tv would be interested in buying similar domains.  Within a week I had contacted the same buyer and had a nice .TV sale under my belt.  Now I’m not saying to bombard companies that just invested in a .TV domain with names that are hardly relevant or not attractive, be strategic and have something good to work with.  It’s not always this easy but keep your eyes open, it’s part of the reason we share all of this great information!

Ok, there have been some good .TV sales to report this week starting out with Hentai.tv which sold for $5,130 on Sedo.com.  Trading.tv was recently sold in a private transaction for a nice sales price.   Zaoza.tv was also sold on Sedo for $1,33o, it looks like lot’s of Zaoza type domains have been picked up recently.  Softball.tv for $1,000 was another Sedo sale from this week, .TV domainer Vito aka ‘TheDotStop’ was the buyer.  BoatShow.tv $995, Domino.tv $750 and BabyClub.tv €450 were additional reported sales over the last week.

Did you hear about BMW.tv being launched as a promotional channel for BMW?  Michael Berkens broke the story this week.  This is a great use of .TV by BMW, I actually sat there and watched about six of the commercials on the channel when I visited it.

The domain BE.TV was registered this week by U.S. domainer, Claude Dauman.  “BE’ is a popular country code for Belgium but were not sure that’s why it was registered as the domain is parked right now.  BE.TV carried a premium registration rate (in the mid $x,xxx) range.  Another two letter .TV country codes that is available for registration right now is FR.TV which is currently $7,766 at Name.com.

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