Morgan’s Monetization Tip – Run Your Domains thru the ‘Money Test’

Last week Morgan Linton aired a great show on Domain Masters ( that focused on domain monetization.  The biggest thing that stuck out to me that I want to share was Morgan’s advice on how to choose domain names from your portfolio that are best for monetization specific development.

As you are narrowing down your choices based on keyword search density, cpc, etc.. the money test is one of if not the most important qualifier to take in consideration when choosing.  Morgan gave a great example of how he would run some domains through his money test.  Before we go further it’s important to understand that everyone’s money test is not the same – it is based on what can accomplish with your current network and skills.  Knowing that Morgan is quickly becoming an expert in monetizing financial, credit and debt domains and has a lot of knowledge and reach in affiliate networks, lead gen, etc in this space he used some names in those niches as examples that pass his money test.

To show contrast Morgan chose a random name for the purpose of the lesson –  As he tried running through his money test (and I was lmao at this part) he started going down the “I guess” road.  “I guess I could buy boysenberries and ship them and I guess there are probably some shipping packages I can use to put them in… and I guess there are probably packages to ship them in that keep them cool…”  You can see where this is going.  FAIL.  When you start guessing what you can do to make money with a domain you are starting with a big handicap. is not the right domain for Morgan to start monetizing.  Now that’s not to say that it’s not the right domain for someone to monetize, you see it depends on your network, reach and experience.

I hope I covered this portion of the show well, I thought this was a great point to talk about.  Make sure you listen to the entire show HERE as what I talked about in this post was not coverage of the entire lesson but just one idea from it.

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