News Sells for $6.8 Million, Tops YTD Sales Chart

The sale of by Nissan Motors to GMO Internet (Japanese ISP) for $6,784,000 is the largest domain sale recorded in 2014 as reported by DNJournal.  While the general public wraps its heads around the size of this domain name transaction some domain investors, brokers and folks involved in the domain space may be wondering “How much money did Nissan leave on the table?”.  Not that Nissan even cares but speculators have to speculate. is one of the rarest .com domain names which also possibly makes it one of the most valuable.  There are only 6 single character, top level domains currently active (,, and,,,  All others were reserved by IANA in the early 90’s (see: The 6 active domains were assigned prior to the single character freeze and were grandfathered in.

So, what’s your opinion?  Did sell at a good price?  Too low?  Use the poll and feel free to comment.

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