My NamesCon Recap (NamePros Video)

Instead of writing my recap you can just watch it (I’m the first interview)

Some of the interview was edited, thankfully haha.. NamesCon was a great show, huge congrats to Richard, Jothan and Jodi! I took a lot away from the conference this year and it was great seeing old friends and making new connections.

To reiterate, one of the most interesting and valuable classes for me was the Chinese masterclass series put on by TLDRegistry. I was a little bummed to miss out on the brandable domain name discussion on the last day ad I had to fly out Wednesday afternoon, but heard it was a good one. Also, the Sherpa session where Adam Dicker bought the domain from an attendee was great and I’m glad they got it on camera.

Thanks for the chance to do the interview Edward (NamePros) and Kevin (Flippa) looking forward to NamesCon next year!

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