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I want to share one of my projects  now that it is back online after a couple weeks of downtime.   AbuDhabiBlog.com is my longest running blog.  I created the domain and blog back in mid 2007.  Ever since I first heard of Abu Dhabi, I have been intrigued with that specific Emirate.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is dubbed one of the richest countries in the world as it sits atop a nice chunk of the worlds oil reserves.  Dubai had been the most  popular Emirate in the  UAE when it experienced a huge boom in the early 2000’s.  The world watched Dubai grow at a spectacular rate.  Real Estate and  business opportunities seemed limitless until the last few years.  The Dubai real estate market has been hit really hard during the current recession.  I have read articles and blogs recently that describe Dubai as a ghost town.

Abu Dhabi on the other hand is the capital city and the largest Emirate in the UAE is very active right now.  You may not have heard of Abu Dhabi as Dubai usually basked in the lime light of the public eye in the Middle East.  This won’t be the case for very long.  Abu Dhabi is a very financially strong Emirate with excellent business foresight.  The boom or bust mentality of Dubai is nothing like the strategic and methodical developments of Abu Dhabi and its government run corporations.  As you read thru my posts at Abu Dhabi Blog you will find that Abu Dhabi and it’s ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed are very focused on keeping Abu Dhabi up to speed in technological advances, real estate developments and environmental awareness.  Once AbuDhabiBlog.com reaches #1 in google again for ‘Abu Dhabi Blog’ search I will begin looking for my very first sponsor on this content rich blog!

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