Google Voice Challenged by AT&T

Google Voice is an application recently released (currently invite only) that organizes all of your phone calls and numbers, it allows you to manage them through a website at google.com/voice.  Voice boasts an array of features like voicemail transcripts, call blocking, call screening, international calling and plenty more.   AT&T accused Google of violating telecom laws by blocking phone calls to some rural areas.  Google’s response was summed up in a snippet by the Washington Post IT article below:

“Google disputed AT&T’s claims, saying that it isn’t a traditional phone service provider but a Web applications company that should not be subject to laws governing dial-up phone operators.”

I’ve applied for Google to activate my voice account, It will be a useful tool for me.  I think this will be one of the many applications that will be integrated into the Google Wave technology when it’s available.

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