Take Me Fishing! Call to Action .org ‘Caught’ My Eye

TakeMeFishing.org photo

TakeMeFishing.org photo

I was out running errands this morning and somehow found myself browsing the fishing supplies at my local retailer.  As I stared at a pre organized kit of lures I notice a big sticker with the domain name TakeMeFishing.org on it.

This is a very nice example of how the Recreational Boat and Fishing Foundation (rbff.org) utilizes a nice ‘call to action’ domain name in their niche.  Even though it appears that the website (and box of lures) is aimed at kids, I was immediately drawn to the domain and visited the site from my phone to see if it was a site launched by Rapala since that was the brand of lure kit the sticker was on.

Using a strong call to action name is a clever way to drive traffic to your website. Online shoppers may be more likely to recall and visit a website titled “Take me Fishing’ than they would company name (.com/net/org).  Nice job RBFF!  I think TakeMeFishing.org is an exceptional use of a domain name as a point of entry to your organization.

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