Ed Lover Blasts Domain Opportunist

********** Warning – explicit content in video and text **********

On episode three of Ed Lover’s popular video blog, Ed may have gotten a little carried away with his website shout outs and prematurely mentioned that would be launching soon.  One problem, was still available at the time his video blog was published.  Ooops.  Needless to say someone registered it the same day he published ‘C’mon Son #3’.  The next day it was on eBay with a BIN of $5000.  In video #6 (@ 4:40 if you don’t care to watch the whole thing.. it’s funny though!) Ed Lover responds to the CmonSon.coms owner by saying:

“C’mon Son! Fuck you, I’m not buyin’ it.  I got bitch!”

I laughed my ass off!  Today was the first time I have seen a C’mon Son video blog, and was cracking up the whole way through it.  I can’t really can blame the guy for buying the domain, it’s a pretty generic phrase.  His mistake was to immediately put it on eBay with an image of an Ed Lover ‘C’mon Son!’ cardboard sign.  Did he actually think Mr. C’mon Son video blogger and badass Ed Lover was going to report in his next video:  “C’mon Son, I just bought a domain name for $5000 from that fool after he made me look stupid by putting on eBay..” ?? C’mon Son!

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  • You thought Lover was going to buy the domain? Not after the guy had it on eBay ten minutes after ‘C’mon Son’ #3 was published. It was a pretty tactless way to try and sell that domain IMO. As you can see it just infuriated Ed Lover and instead made him not want to buy it.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Mike. This is another example of why there is a bad stigma directed towards domainers. If the person who registered had actually granted Ed Lover the rights to the domain without trying to sit on it and make a profit, then there would of been positive publicity in relation to this.

    Just sad to see people not doing the write thing. When will our industry learn……

  • I think this is where domain name speculators can play a different game and still capitalize off a timely registration like was. Why not try to contact Ed Lover directly and work out some sort of mutual beneficial deal. Jason, if you registered and went to Mr. Lover and said:

    “Look Ed you mentioned you were going to launch in one of your videos. Being in the domain name business, naturally I looked it up to see if you had secured that domain already. I was really surprised to see it available. As I know you have a large fanbase I snatched it up before any cybersquatters could get ahold of it….”

    Ed Lover has a huge fanbase and truth is the guy that did grab it was lucky to get it… stupid, but lucky. Now his textbook cybersquatting techniques may have put his domain in jeopardy. see:

    The fact that the domain owner put an Ed Lover ‘C’mon Son!’ cardboard sign image and ebay link to the sale on immediately after registering it displays ‘bad faith’. The other option was to develop something completely different on the domain. Originally when I saw the domain name and the guys picture I thought it was (first name abbr + last name).

    I don’t believe that the registrant should just hand over the domain to Lover but I’d bet that if he was more savvy (and less greedy) he could have landed some sort of cash or leasing or networking deal with Lover.

  • Mike,

    Good points as always. With all the media attention circulating around this incident, Ed Lover, if he chose to proceed forward might actually have the opportunity to receive his domain back. We could come up with a number of scenarios of what the “cyber squatter” could of done, but the mere fact that he placed the domain name on Ebay with the intention to sell it by directly trying to profit off of Ed Lover’s image once again shows how some cyber squatters simply need to grow up.

    I won’t even call the person who registered the domain name a domainer. I think there is a fairly large gray area we need to pay attention to. Just because someone who registers a domain name, doesn’t make them a domainer. The problem with this entire situation is people outside of the domaining industry are now looking at us once again shaking there heads in disgust.

    Incidents like this never do any justice for those of us trying to create a positive image for our industry. We’ll see how it works out in the end. I do hope Ed Lover does get his domain back…

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