Google Voice Account Activated

Last month I wrote about Google Voice, the new service that Google is offering wireless customers, currently by invite onlyVoice has features like voicemail transcripting, call blocking, call screening, international calling and plenty more.  If you sign up for an account you also get a free local phone number.  The free phone number came in really handy for me since I have kept my wireless number the same since college and now live in a different area code.

Once you sync your wireless phone with Voice all of your phone contacts will be accessible when you login to your account at google.com/voice.  For me calls or text messages sent from my Voice account online in the U.S. are free.  Voice also has a some good rates per minute for international calling.

I know there are some features that I have not touched on in this post but since my Voice account is so new I still haven’t gotten a chance to use it much.  If you have a Voice account and know of a cool feature that I didn’t mention please comment here to share.  I’m also interested to see what kind of issues people may have with giving Google even more access to our personal information.

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