Where was the domain name?

Surely you heard about the publicity stunt involving a six year old boy and a flying helium balloon that took place in my old stomping ground of Fort Collins, Colorado.  Richard Heene (the dad) is a bit crazy and planned quite an elaborate stunt to send our U.S. media into a foreseeable craze with this story.  Now dubbed the ‘Balloon Boy’ Falcon Heene was said to be inside a box attached to the balloon that took off from the family’s backyard and flew over 30 miles.  The boy was actually inside the family home hiding.  Falcon’s parents staged this stunt thinking somehow it was going to help boost their TV career

My only question is if you are going to pull a publicity stunt like this to try and launch yourself into a tv reality series, why the heck don’t you have a domain and website ready for the masses?  🙂

If as a result of this publicity stunt you or any other domainer you know has attempted to or actually has registered any balloon boy or Falcon Heene domain names please promptly remove your credit card and paypal information from your godaddy account, then take your credit card out of your wallet and cut it to pieces.

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