Transcripts from ICANN Seoul Meeting

With T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in the rear view mirror and since it took place the same week that the ICANN meetings did, I think it’s important to check out how the ICANN’s Seoul session went if you haven’t already.  ICANN provides a great list of the presentations with downloadable transcripts.

There were some really interesting discussion about new gTLD and IDN domains during the Seoul ICANN open forums.  There is still lots of uncertainty about the timeline and application process behind the gTLD movement.  Many client representatives were in Seoul at the ‘New gTLD Program Overview’ voicing their opinions about the gTLD rollout.  Most of the concerns were about the timeline and when gTLDs will actually be launched.  A. Alleman quoted a few concerned guests from the floor in his article the other day including comments from Paul Stahura from Enom and Bhavin Turakhia from Directi.  Both Stahura and Turakhia encouraged ICANN to provide a real timeline for gTLDs that clients can count on, even the timeline extends far beyond original dates.

Other transcripts I found interesting were from the ‘IDN ccTLD Fast Track’ workshop and the ‘Trademark Protection and New gTLDs – Rights Protection Mechanisms’ presentation.  The root scaling presentations are worth checking out too. (they are in .pdf and are nice slideshows that make it easy to understand).

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