Comparing Million Dollar Domain Sales 2006 – 2009

According to there have been twenty seven reported $1 million + domain name sales over the last four years.  Unless 2009 sneaks in another million dollar sale it will have the second most million dollar domain name sales since 2006 with eight reported sales breaking the million dollar barrier.

Last month sold for $1.5 million, which I thought was a steal.  It will probably be the last million dollar sale of ’09, a year that saw a host of other domains like,, and all sell for between $1 and $2 million each.  Looking at sales in that same range from past years here are domains in that sold in that range:,,,,,, and  Comparing the quality of domains that sold in that range, it looks like 2009 was a year to get a bargain in the upper eschelon.

Taking a closer look, sold this year for the same amount of green that sold for last year ($1.7 million) and sold for the same amount this year as did in 2007 ($1.5 million).  As we go up the list to the higher sales they seem to be more balanced in quality. sold this year for $5 million and a similar quality category killer sold for $4.9 million in 2007 and Rick Schwartz’s sale for $3 million this year compares to the sale for $3 million in 2006 (even though candy is a whole industry and vodka is a niche).

Here is a list of the 27 million dollar or more sales since 2006 I compiled from  All figures are rounded to the nearest 100k. $9.9M 2008 $9.5M 2007 $7.5M 2006 $5.1M 2009 4.9 2008 $3.0M 2009 $3.0M 2006 $2.8M 2008 $2.1M 2007 $1.8M 2007 $1.8M 2009 $1.7M 2009 $1.7M 2008 $1.5M 2009 $1.5M 2009 $1.5M 2007 $1.5M 2006 $1.3M 2007 $1.2M 2008 $1.2M 2007 $1.1M 2007 $1.1M 2009 $1.1M 2008 $1.0M 2008 $1.0M 2009 $1.0M 2007 $1.0M 2007

2009 (8)
2008 (7)
2007 (9)
2006 (3)

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