DNForum Tweets Domain Sales Threads

While checking my traffic stats on one of a sales thread I tweeted, I noticed that @DomainNameForum had also tweeted that sales thread link.  Thanks DNF!  This was news to me that tweets some sales links and other types of threads.

The @DomainNameForum twitter profile reveals they have a modest 700+ followers.   My suggestion to DNF is that if you’re going have someone using twitter to tweet sales and other links to domain discussion threads, you may as well take control of the power of twitter (which I am just dabbling in right now).  Use a program or hire someone to follow everyone in the domain community and then make strategic tweets, RT’s, etc.. It could be a part time job for an admin or intern.  I appreciate the initiative in tweeting the sale and look forward to seeing more tweets from DNF now that I am a follower.

… and if anyone reading this is not already following me -What the heck are you waiting for?! @NameTalent 🙂


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