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3D technology is finally becoming really popular and some ‘domainers’ are registering any 3d+word combo that they can think of, this is probably no news to you.  So, are there any good ‘new technology’ domains left to register?  My opinion is yes, but they are few and far between.  I shudder when I see people sharing long lists of 3d domain names they own in obscure TLD’s or word combinations that really don’t make sense.  The fact is that the best 3d names were reserved long ago before the real speculating even started.  Another technology that is on the horizon is augmented reality, which is a niche I have seen little discussion about amongst domainers.  After a little research, of course the best AR (popular abbreviation) and augmented reality domains are taken.

So, what’s the reason for this post?  To warn people not to fall into the hand regging craze that usually follows new trends?  Maybe.  However, even being late to the game doesn’t mean you are completely out of it.  I do think there are opportunities to make money in these niches if you are careful.  My inspiration for this post came from my own hand registrations.  That’s right, I registered my first 3d and AR domain names today.  When I speculate in niches like these I don’t register loads of domains and I only stick to .com.  There were a small handful of domains I thought were worthy of registering after some research and from those few I chose one from each niche to get me started.  The domains are below, let me know your thoughts good or bad on the names and what you think about this type of domain investing.

3d hand reg:

Augmeted reality hand reg:

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  • 3D is here to stay. Its being spearheaded by both IMAX and a company called Real D. Just recently I watched Avatar at a theater here in California which displayed the movie in Real D:

    The popularity of these movies are creating a demand for the same type of technology to be available at home. Domainers are following suit and following this trend as they should. We’ll see what happens. I remember 3D made an appearance with the advent of the Sega Master System in the old days. Missle Defense 3D was the first game I ever experienced which required you to wear 3d goggles while looking at your home television.

  • Thanks Jason, I had not heard of realD before. I too think 3d is more than just a trend. Do you have any 3d domains?

  • ive been investing a ton of money in AR and 3d domains.

    my best ar domain is

    i also have

    i feel like gaming and advertising are going to be to huge aspect of AR.

    my 3d domains arnt all that amazing my best are

  • We are moving quickly along in the 3d tech world 3dfpr tvs have just been on show which dont require glasses.
    some names were registered a long time ago but some developnments in 3d couldnt be forecast that easily would you really have registered a 3d holo name ten+ years ago ?
    i have some 3d domains and i have sold some this year also so its going well take a look at recent sales 3d domains are even listed at dnjournal.
    the ex founder of ebay even has a foot in the door with the site now,youtube is going 3d soon and so is a massive list of others its not all about a movie and a tv theres a lot more to it than that look at the medical breakthroughs in scans and even cancer,3d printing i could go on and write a 1000 word post here and still have more to add 3d is here to stay in so many ways whether 3dtv’s are a success or failure.

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