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Domain Hack Sells for €20k, Purchased for Development

When I saw the domain on the big board earlier this week at DNJournal for €20k I thought “Hey, now that is a nice domain hack.”  Turns out the buyer of the domain over at  Domain Invest bought the name with intentions to develop the site into a Virtual Phone Kiosk. will let users call online from their site to any landline or mobile phone without having to install any software. 

I am not a huge fan of using domain hacks but there are a few that really click for me and is one of them.  Last year I reported another domain hack that is a really popular hyper-local website using the domain name  They also have the domain name which redirects to their website.  The owners of may want to explore that option as looks like an outdated webhosting site and traffic to that .com would be valuable even before launching  Good luck to DomainInvest with their venture, and congrats to the person who sold for a nice return.

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