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Can We Get Some Domain Industry Android & iPhone Apps?!

Last night I was trying to view a portfolio on sedo from my T-moble Android phone using the web browser.  While the page was loading unbearably slow I was thinking to myself “man Sedo really needs an Android app”.  I have been waiting and watching for domain industry apps to come out already.  Many times I have to refrain from doing simple domain tasks on my mobile device because it’s a pain in the butt.  Domaintools, where’s your app?  Sedo, GoDaddy, Snapnames, DNForum,  etc…. ?

I applaud domain forum for getting with the mobile age and making the forum accessible using an app called Tapatalk Pro.  I downloaded the software to my mobile which cost $2, charged to my phone bill.  This makes browsing the NP forum a breeze.  I love using this application and really wish all or some the companies named above would hury up and come out with something for all of us mobile domainers to use!

Way back in September last year before I really knew how useful and quickly apps can break down websites for mobile browsing, I posted an idea for a mobile application that I thought would be useful.  Since I’ve been using Tapatalk for forum browsing and increasingly using other applications, I see the need for some quality domain industry apps. So, who will step forward?  Andrew of recently got a Droid and shares the sentiment.  Time is money and I guarantee that if we domainers can save lots of time on our mobile browsing experience we will be spending more (and hopefully making more :)) money using mobile technology.  Duh.

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  • GoDaddy has an iPhone app but it doesn’t have the auctions on it which is the only thing i would really need to do when not at home. Network Solutions also has one. I wish Moniker, Snapnames, Namejet and Pool would all release apps. Even if they dont release an app if they could just make their sites mobile compatible it would help.

  • @nr – Thanks for the heads up about godaddys iphone app. I say skip the whole mobile compatible thing and go straight to application IMO. Even most mobile compatible sites take longer..

    @Andrew – sweet….! hopefull they add auctions too.. like the above commenter, I would mostly use my mobile to browse auctions.

  • apps are ephemeral, eventually all phones will browse the net, normally. besides some emails, it is not prudent to make decisions on the go.

  • there is a Sedo + GoDaddy iPhone/Android app at by DowMain it’s called DowMain:Industry and is available online for free…it has a bunch of cool features and pretty much delivers all domain industry news and activity…it has yet to be available for BlackBerry but it is a nice little app and it is free so I can’t complain…check it out. There website is still under construction but the app is available.

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