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Recently I’ve been using a great new FREE service at to search pre-release, expiring and closeout domain lists from all the major auction houses.   Ziggery! Yep, that’s easy to remember.  Cool name 😉   The site is sleek, functional and user friendly. I’ve already snagged a couple nice godaddy closeouts that I located using the Ziggery software the other day.  Signing up for an account was very easy and it takes less than a minute before you are confirmed and searching for domains.

My biggest concern with the whole site is that the “Apply Filter” button needs to be bigger and more enhanced. It’s already in orange and bold font but I was staring at the screen for almost 5 minutes before I finally figured out how to apply my search options. A big green button that says “SEARCH” would work well maybe. Also, I would like to see Ziggery handle a few more TLD’s, although I am stoked that it does ALREADY support .tv and .us.  Adding a few other high demand ccTLD options like and .de and .in would be sweet and make the service stand out a little more.

If you haven’t already, sign up early and stay tuned as I understand the premium membership will rolled out soon and feature some great new tools!

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  • Just checked the site again and the ‘apply filter’ text is much bigger and easier to see in a neon green.. Getting better, still I think a button would be better. 😉

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