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You can now easily retweet or “like” (facebook) a blog post straight from homepage.  I like to idea of being able to share information quicker, especially with the retweet option. You can also track how many times each post was retweeted or ‘liked’.   So far the only downside to the new options is that the page loads a bit slower.. not a big deal though.  The homepage is also looking busier and busier these days, good or bad it was inevitable.

While we’re on the subject I should mention a couple other great domaining resources that Francois has been working on recently. aggregates auctions that are closing within 24 hours and reports the bids, domain stats, auction venue and valuate valuation.  Not sure if all auction sites are participating but I know that Godaddy, Sedo, Auctionpus, and Latonas are all included so far., on the platform has been trying new techniques to get more domains to auction.  I think it is working as I am seeing more domains are being ‘fired’ to auction daily.  I listed six domains on the platform, I would have done more but there is a contract you must click saying it’s the only venue where you will market or sell the name for a 30 day period.  Already the domain catalog is quite large and I think some categorization would help both and alike although there are filters and you can easily save your settings.

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  • Nice job for highlighting the new Twitter and Facebook options at

    I’d just like to point out that some people in the domaining blogosphere were critical of our new web site Domaining 2.0 (, saying that it was just a copy of

    I was quick to point out that our web site was not intended to be a copy, but a completely different RSS aggregator with a Web 2.0 layout that included tagging and categorizing and twitter and facebook integration, among other things.

    In one of my responses, I specifically said:

    “It sounds like you’re loyal to, and that’s great, but that doesn’t preclude my right to pursue my vision for building a new RSS aggregator for the domaining community. We live in a free market system where competition is welcomed because it fuels better products and services for end user consumers.”

    And here you have it folks, competition and a free market system at its best. Just two weeks later improves its product by integrating Web 2.0 functionality (Twitter and Facebook).

    Who wins? Users do, with better products and more options. Once again, that’s why new competitive sites like ours are good for the industry. They help keep things moving forward.

    Nice job for integrating some cool new Web 2.0 functionality, and nice job for breaking the story!

  • Thanks for the reply Domaining2.0

    I forgot to mention at there are affiliate commissions available at almost all of the sites on the platform including which I previously posted about HERE.

  • is the only Domain Auction site that lets Domainer sell Domains or websites with NO FEES!! I started this site because I’m tired of paying big auction site outrageous fees and customer service…FORGET ABOUT IT. And now I no longer trust them either..But that another story. On another note You wont find that at because there are no fees that you have to pay.

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