My Newest Domain Acquisitions

I haven’t done a post like this for a while so today I am going to share a few of my newest domain names, where I got them and why.

Perhaps my most exciting purchase over the last week was when I secured a great one word .org, it matches the extension just beautifully. was registered since 2002 and for the last few years it re-directed to, another domain owned by the seller.   Although I love the meaning of the word humility, I won’t be trying to figure out how to develop and monetize it further than parking the name to monitor traffic/ppc.   I’ve have started emailing a few potential end users already. Maybe I’m rushing, but my price point would make it well worth the ‘flip’.  I bought the domain directly from a member on forum. (Note: I will be careful when selling the domain, I wouldn’t want a domain like this going to some sort of hate group or site promoting violence, etc.. )

Another purchase from a seller on a popular domain forum, I now own after a little negotiation. I’m just gonna sit on this one for a while. Maybe someday .us will actually be used and recognized in the USA, then this great domain will be worth something!  The average CPC on this term is a whopping $12.24 and there are approx 1.5 million average monthly searches.  I’ve got a minisite up with some adsense and affiliate ads, I will also try getting some direct advertising revenue by offering to add eye surgeons in the US to the directory page for a yearly fee. Ranking well in SE’s won’t be easy but I’ll start by doing some link building Eye Surgery US.

The other day I visited Arbel Arif’s blog and noticed he had a great idea to promote by making videos featuring available domain names.  I watched the video that was published in Arbel’s June 12th blog post (video below!!) and shortly afterwards registered what I consider a good product domain name –   This is not a domain for flipping (well you know what they say.. everything is for sale).  Looking at the metrics for this keyword I feel I can certainly make a profitable minisite with an affiliate store that converts.  What’s a Car Microphone??  Well, there are a few different products that will come up when searching car microphones on eBay or Amazon.  Hands free car kits are often found under searches for ‘car microphone’ as well car megaphone microhones.  One new product that I really want to focus on are the new bluetooth car microphones that plugin to the cigarette lighter.. much better than wearing that weird thing on one ear IMO. (see one!).

As always, any comments on my newest domain acquisitions are welcome!

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  • I like, a valuable domain if .us gets more popular one day.

    Also have a few medical term eye related names and happy with the sites, which do well in the serps and get regular traffic.

  • Thanks for your response David! I was happy to land this domain for sure.. I would like to try and implement CPA on it somehow to.. have you had any luck with this on your ‘eye’ domains?

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