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Another gigantic acquisition from lead generation group QuinStreet, whom last year purchased for $16 million.  Their most recent purchase of including the website and domain name still has an undisclosed pricetag.  Lots of speculation on dnw’s post suggests the total sale value was worth anywhere from $25-$100+ million range.  QuinStreet, a publicly traded company also bought last year for $18 million.

I think it will be interesting to see what happens with the two domains since they are both currently standalone sites. I can’t really see just being shut down and redirected to next week, although that may be ultimately what happens.  Sounds like a logistical nightmare for the folks at QuinStreet, I’m sure they’ll get it figured out.  We’ll be waiting to see how they utilize both of the best names in one of the biggest industries in the world.

It’s too bad I am not writing this post to report has been sold to a huge Insurance company ie.. Geico, Farmers, Progressive, etc… It would feel like more of a moral victory for the domaining industry if the top of the line domains start landing with top companies in their niche.  Or, Are the biggest companies better off leaving the best domains alone to leave it to the lead gen, CPA and affiliate companies streamline the traffic they pay for?

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  • This means that the big companies like geico and statefarm don’t know the value of insurance names. Quinstreet is so smart in buying this name.

    Did you know it makes all the state insurance names work from 150k to 500k.

    If you own a state insurance domain name do not sell it as it is worth at least in the six figures and much more. I dare anyone to try buy or purchase a state insurance name for less than 150k.. Cant be done.

  • Very interesting comment Charlie, thanks. Well, the challenge is out! Buy a stat+domain name for under six figures and you’re a genius.

    I actually wish I would have been keeping a better eye out for these types of names.. I remember using domainwizard I don’t know wth happened to that tool but it would list all 50 states + your keyword. You could run the list with the keyword in front or in back of the state names and bulk check to see if availability. I know looking back I never saw any state+ins .coms available but several .nets were available..

  • I wish the phone calls would stop i get one a day sometimes and have gotten two in a day before.

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