GreatDomains Premium Auction Update

This month’s GreatDomains Premium auction wraps up tomorrow and as always there are some prime names going, most of which are very close to the reserve.  Both and are currently at $13,500 with the reserves met. started with a super low reserve and will sell, currently at $4,300.

Before I go on can I just say that I really dislike like the GreatDomains auction platform/script, it is very slow and makes my entire browser run slowly.

Highlighted domains with current bid – reserves not met but close:

  • (Spanish for Pearls) €5,000
  • $6,200
  • $6,000
  • €4,000
  • $3,899
  • £5,000

Also, I would like to note that has been bid up to €2,550 and the reserve is met.  Fishy thing about this auction is that the domain name comes with a $5,000 yearly renewal and is actually up for renewal at the end of this month (9/29/2010).  If you visit the auction detail page for you will not find any information about the renewal price of this domain, I only hope the bidders in this auction are already are already aware of the renewal price tag.

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