A Little Slice of .TV

For as long as I have been a member at Namepros, the Dot-TV subforum has always been a great place for .tv discussion and trade.  The forum, which I sometimes refer to as the ‘Dot TV Underworld” is frequented by many domainers who focus solely on .TV investing.  I’ve learned a lot from the members over there and whenever something hot is going on in .TV world, that’s where to find the scoop first.  Like when the .tv re-launched it’s premium domains and a mini landrush ensued.  Luckily I dropped in the .tv subforum that day and found out early,  I was able to register a few premiums.

Recently, the Dot-TV Marketplace has seen lots of great .TV domains change hands.  There are several auctions/sales going on right now (none mine) for quality .TV domains (including Drug.tv which is closing in on $2k).  Below are a few active sales threads and domains that are selling within them.

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