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For as long as I have been a member at Namepros, the Dot-TV subforum has always been a great place for .tv discussion and trade.  The forum, which I sometimes refer to as the ‘Dot TV Underworld” is frequented by many domainers who focus solely on .TV investing.  I’ve learned a lot from the members over there and whenever something hot is going on in .TV world, that’s where to find the scoop first.  Like when the .tv re-launched it’s premium domains and a mini landrush ensued.  Luckily I dropped in the .tv subforum that day and found out early,  I was able to register a few premiums.

Recently, the Dot-TV Marketplace has seen lots of great .TV domains change hands.  There are several auctions/sales going on right now (none mine) for quality .TV domains (including Drug.tv which is closing in on $2k).  Below are a few active sales threads and domains that are selling within them.

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  • Hi Chris, these are mostly reseller to reseller sales so the prices will be quite cheap. There are some great names going right now. That’s why I’m sharing this info, most of the auctions I linked to area still running!

  • Yes, a number of nice keyword domains can be obtained in the extension for far less than the comparable .COM. .TV critics abound but there are nice keywords with branding potential available and with a SEO benefit at least at Yahoo & Bing. With close to 90 million .COM registrations, good luck finding anything worth having for even a backorder in .COM.

  • Thanks for the comment Leonard. .TV is still a young extension, I feel its best potential is still on the horizon. I am having a hard time with my decision to sell one of my .tv handregs for high $xxx to an end user. It was a premium landrush domain I registered on 3/18 (a day that .tv domainers will never forget).

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