DNCruise A Smashing Success

I’m now home and rested after attending the first ever domain conference on a cruise ship!  The whole experience was really awesome, hats off to Chef Patrick and his wife Zezura for organizing such a unique event.  I met and became friends with some of the most amazing people in this industry!  The cruise ship setting allowed all of the conference attendees and speakers to really get to spend some time together since most of us were disconnected the entire time at sea.  Networking was a huge part of this conference, we dined together every night, played games, gambled, at port groups of domainers would venture out to see Key West and Nassau.

Oh yea, Hurricane Paula blew us off course of our original destination in Cozumel, Mexico and instead we went thru Nassau, Bahamas on Thursday which was a welcome detour for most of us.  The speakers at DNCruise were a wealth of knowledge and since time was a factor on session day all of the speakers encouraged that attendees came to them during the cruise with any questions or just to talk.   This is just the first post of several I will write about the event.  I have lots of pics, videos and great stories I will be sharing over the course of the next week. Stay tuned!

For the whole recap and photos visit my most recent post

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  • Great to finally meet you in person Mike!! It was a blast – looking forward to seeing you at a future conference!

    Of course you are always welcome here in LA!

    Just landed in LA – there’s no place like home 🙂


  • Hi Mike,
    You are like me. I still can not get over the experience we had at DNCruise. I learned a lot from everyone – I mean EVERYONE.
    Am still in Fort Lauderdale and will be home on Sunday in NJ.
    Can’t wait for the next one.
    Cheers to everyone. Thanks, Chef Patrick!!!

  • @Morgan – It was really great meeting you too Morgan! I will absolutely be on the next DNCruise and I hope to get to a conference before that as well. Thanks for the open welcome to L.A. I may take you up on that! Cheers Morgan 🙂

    @Del – Thanks for commenting on my blog post. The trip will not be one to forget that is for sure. I too learned alot from every single speaker and attendee, the whole thing was a huge success. You are a true gentleman and I am honored to have met you. Take care in NJ and let’s stay in touch via e-mail!

  • Hi Mike,

    I was on TRAFFIC Miami after the DNCruise, and only by doing that you can really feel the difference between these two TYPES of the conferences – a friendly and warm, easy to network and be yourself DNCruise, and formal, distant and traditional TRAFFIC… We, the DNCruise people, who met on TRAFFIC were like old friends, and a kind of a cult on TRAFFIC… 🙂

    I would recommend to all of our business partners and industry newcomers to go to the next DNCruise…

    Thanks to all DNCruise people and of course chef Patrick and Zezura for having such a great idea.


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