.TV Spotlight Post #3

It’s Friday, that means time for some .TV news and highlights!

Richard Kligman recently rolled out Parked.tv which offers domainers a WordPress theme/site hosted on Parked.tv servers.  The WP theme is videocentric so it’s perfect for ‘parking’ .TV domains.  You can integrate your adsense code and choose videos that will appear on your channel via youtube api.  This brand new service is still in beta testing, Richard is still working out pricing details. 

Highlighting a few sales that are going on.  Aron Meystedt of XF.com recently listed Scores.tv for sale at NP, current high offer is $1,000.  Swap.tv auction finally finished with a closing bid of $2,400 – Mike Berkens was not the winning bidder.  Not a .TV domain but relevant, DomainConsultant.com has StreamingTV.com in auction at BoxCar, the current bid is $2100. Also, as I reported last week, Tourist.tv sale was confirmed by sedo at $1,300.

GoogleTV was announced earlier this year at I/O conference but G has just recently updated their GoogleTV page.  They are seriously getting ready for launch in 2011.. with big boys like HBO, NBA, CNBC and CNN already working with Google getting ready for launch. This will have positive effects of pricing in the .TV space, imho.  Google! please stop forwarding Google.tv to Google.com and use it for the homepage of the GoogleTV already!! GoogleTV Apps video for your viewing pleasure (found it on googletv.blogspot.com … yea blogspot!)

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  • This service is still in beta, but as I mentioned on NP, I believe it has the potential to be a game changer for .TV. No other video portal service exists at a price point anywhere near this. Currently the domain holder has one slot for an affiliate or Adsense code but I believe in time other monetization options will evolve. Since the domain holder has the option of selecting the top video, I am already wording my sites to allow for interested parties to seek #1 position video placement for a fee.

  • “Since the domain holder has the option of selecting the top video, I am already wording my sites to allow for interested parties to seek #1 position video placement for a fee.”

    Good idea Leonard. Thanks as always for the comment!

  • Still think that .TV domains will not produce full value until the next 3 to 7 years. As the internet becomes a more integral part of the TV set, these domains will jump up in value considerably.

    Good thing is that due to the high registration cost there is still a lot of available domains.. just be careful what you register and make sure there is a “really Wide” audience for it. Some industries will do better than others – but in the end it’s all about the consumer market. Is gaming an industry that will do well on TV when the internet is just another channel on your “interactive TV’?? – hell yeah!!

  • This is kickass, the potential to create a domain network by many different domain owners is unparalleled, I think this guy is really on to something.

  • Its never been so easy to get a .TV up and live. Just visit any of the .TV site listed here to get the feeeeeeeeeeeeel.


  • I am looking forward to these times when TV and internet will merge I hope I will do well then with StockExchange.TV and other TV DNs

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