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Why I’m Excited About BoxCar is an innovative, open and easy to use auction platform for buying and selling domain names. BoxCar is suitable for any type of domain auction including multi-lots (up to 50 domains at once). Once you’re signed up you can begin bidding on or selling domain names almost instantly.  You can still register for a year membership at BoxCar for only $1 (offer only good thru 10/31).

Selling is simple. You control all of the variables, it’s a sellers dream marketplace. List your domain names for auctions up to 60 days in any price range with your chosen bid increments for only $5 per listing. The seller control panel is very user friendly. One thing I like is being able to add any embed code or api (twitter/fb/etc)  into an auction page. This means that you could create a video specifically for the auction, upload it on youtube and then simply embed that code into the field provided, your video will appear next to the auction details. That’s domain auction innovation!

All payments for auctions on BoxCar are to be handled through the Paypal or Escrow api that is conveniently integrated into the site. Domain buyers and sellers can communicate through Mailcar, the message system on the Boxcar platform.  Another new feature that I really like that you can schedule a domain auction to have a preview period. This is a great idea and gives the seller more time to inform potential buyers of exactly when and where and details of the auction. One thing I would change about the preview period is that even though auction details are still editable by the seller, you should still be able to see the auction start price, increments, etc. so that a potential buyer can plan accordingly.

Bidding on domains at BoxCar is pretty self explanatory.  The Bidders Kit (.pdf) will help you with any questions.  One thing that is made very clear is how BC deals with non-paying bidder and those that do not follow through with agreements.  From BoxCar:

Non-paying bidders and sellers who do not complete agreements will be subject to harsh penalties and fees, including, but not limited to:

  1. Monetary penalties
  2. Account deletion
  3. Site ban
  4. Public disclosure

This is not a fly by night auction house, it’s obvious to me it has been developed and planned for some time now.  For those who loved and miss Bido, I think they will really embrace BoxCar. My first auction on this platform is starts today.  Boxcar give’s you lots of great tools to get the word out about your auctions too.  There’s the My Boxcar URL (mine is: and also they provide you a widget code to embed into webpages that show your auctions. I’m looking forward to watching this platform grow, I think it’s a great vehicle to buy and sell domains and will be around for the long run.  Good job for launching a truly unique marketplace for our industry.

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  • i gave them my dollar by paypal over a week ago. i haven’t seen anything great about it yet. but i got nothin’ bad to say either. i’d pay a dollar to watch a bear do a walrus on you tube so i don’t figure i’m gonna lose much.

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