News, Facebook’s Predecessor For Sale on Flippa

Apparently, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook let the domain expire.  It’s now on with bids up to $18k already.  The BIN is set at $135,000. was the site, which debuted at Harvard as Zuckerburg’s project leading up to the creation of Facebook.  At one time it was even shut down by the university after Zuckerburg hacked the Harvard server and got access to all the student pictures, which he used to create a Hot or Not type site.  Remember that one?

This is perfect timing for the person who caught on the drop as there is a new movie out called ‘The Social Network’ which details the Facebook saga.  During the movie Facebook fans learn that FaceMash was definitely the Facebook predecessor. There’s a high probability that moviegoers when online will type-in after watching that movie just to see what’s there now.

The seller, is being called a domain squatter on all of the news stories I read relating to  Heck, I would have probably bid on the domain name during it’s drop before even realizing the history.  FaceMash is a pretty good two word .com on its own, which is why Zuck registered it originally about 8 years ago.  Alas, is a piece of Internet history now and looks like there will be a new owner soon. The Flippa auction for the domain is set to end in early November unless it’s bought at the BIN.

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