.TV Spotlight Post #4 Interview with Samit Madan

Today’s .TV Spotlight features an interview with Samit Madan the founder of Media.TV.  Before we get to the interview, let’s take a peek into what’s going on in the .TV world..

    • SouthBeach.TV is for sale in the live auction at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference. That is happening right there in South Beach as I write this!!  The live auction starts at 4pm EST TODAY and is lot #915.  I expect a nice sale will result, the starting bid is $7,000. The domain does have a $500 premium yearly renewal fee.


    • I joined a .tv discussion forum today at, looks like a great resource for domainers that concentrate on .TV, my handle on that forum is TVSpotlight, let em know I referred you if you sign up.


    • Some recent significant .TV sales were reported by – sold for 6,000 EUR, sold for 1,600 USD, sold for 1,000 USD and sold for 1,550 USD.


  • As promised, I had a  mini-interview with Samit Madan about his new company, Media.TV I’m excited to share with you.  Samit resides in Mumbai, India where he is an advertising and marketing professional at his company MediaWiz.  He can also be found at his domain blog,  On to the interview, enjoy!

Q. How did you acquire a great domain like

A. I got this domain purely through luck of the draw. When the .tv premium changeover happened I registered a few domains via – they eventually hit me with premium fees so I kept some and dropped some.  One of those I kept was Media.TV – it was just too good to drop. It’s regular renewal now, used to be $10k/yr. Those I dropped included and

Q. What is your vision for in 2011? What services/information will you be providing users?

A. We’re using this to offer Video On Demand services in India via DTH or Direct to Home platforms. This is just stage one and will go live in March 2011.

Q. Where does video integration fit into

A. It’s video all the way, just delivered differently than most websites.

Q. Have you had any significant offers on the domain name? Is the domain for sale?

A. I have had a few offers on it in the low five figure range, nothing significant though. It is currently not for sale unless the offer is one I just can’t refuse, like a seven figure one , our project has backup domains in that case.

Q. Your viewpoint on .TV domains in general?

A. .TV is coming of age, with the convergence of TV and internet just around the corner adoption is increasing, what does need to change is the owners attitude towards its use, they really need to think beyond single media usage of a multimedia extension.

Thank you Samit for taking the time to talk with me today about Media.TV. I look forward to the launch of your new company next year, I’m sure it will be a very successful.

I am trying to keep .TV Spotlight posts coming once a week although I missed last week because I was on DNCruise. As always I like to end the .TV Spotlight with a .TV related video… A couple years old but still a really good one to watch, this is Kevin (Founder of interviewing Richard Rosenblatt of DemandMedia discussing .TV Domains.

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