.TV Spotlight Post #5

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Welcome to my weekly .TV Spotlight post! As usual there has been lots of activity and news going on surrounding .TV domain names and TV/Internet convergence over the last week. To quote David Sams “Convergence Baby, Convergence!”

  • To start us off today I want to share a news story that David Sams, an Emmy winning Executive Producer, Writer and Entrepreneur posted on Facebook earlier today.  The story is from the NYPost and talks about how Google is looking to make YouTube a television network.  Even though initially networks like CBS, NBC and ABC initially blocked online versions of their full programs from appearing on Google TV, Google and YouTube are aiming for the Television convergence whether syndicate networks like it or not. NYPost story.
  • James Black has done it again!  James (who goes by the popular handle JimboJimbo on many domain forums) announced October 20th at NamePros that he acquired the domain name Canada.tv.  Before he could even accept all the congrats on acquiring the domain he announced in the same thread a week later that he had flipped the domain after receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse.  The purchase and sales prices remain undisclosed but it based on his hints the domain was purchased in the low-mid $xx,xxx range and flipped in the mid-high $xx,xxx range.  Congrats James!
  • There have been several substantial .TV reported sales in October that I have yet to cover including PestControl.tv $10k (sold earlier this month by George Pickering), Gadgets.tv $7,500, POS.tv $1,580, Engage.tv $1,250, Rochester.tv $1,200, AdultMovies.tv $610, Werbeartikel.tv (translates to ‘promotional’ in German) sold for $1,820
  • Thanks to Ammar at AllThings.tv, we learned this week that Adap.tv has raised an additional $4.5 million in funding for its quest to provide publishers with an ad serving platform to monetize video content. Adap.tv is currently the third largest video adserving network in the world.
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